Top 10 Things to do in Melbourne

Melbourne; the city that has all 4 seasons in one day.
But I have learnt to deal with the sudden drop or rise in temperature, and am happy to have settled here and call it my 2nd home. 
Melbourne is a very relaxed city, it has a lovely European flair to it and embedded in the heart of Melbourne is a fantastic coffee and art culture. 
There is so much to see and do here and I can fully understand why it has been voted the "most liveable city in the world" for the last 7 years in a row. 

The easiest way to get around Melbourne has to be via its trams that run not just in the CBD but out to suburbs in all directions. You will need to purchase a Myki Card to use the trams, buses & trains. You can buy these from any 7/11 store - top up and you're good to go. Just tap on and off as you go. If you're travelling just within the CBD this is a free zone so no need to tap. If you're new to Melbourne, one of the first things I did with my friend was board the free City Circle no. 35 tram which takes a loop around Melbourne CBD and has information on all the sights along the way. It a great way to get your bearings and see all the main spots in a couple hours. 
A handy app is PTV (Public Transport Victoria) which shows you times of all public transport and lets you see the easiest way to get from A to B.

Melbourne is very special to me for many reasons. I never intended to settle in one place for so long in Australia, but as soon as I arrived I fell in love and knew it would be hard to leave. I think because I have already travelled round so much of Australia already I am happy to stay here and make trips every month or so and return to Melbourne. These are some of my favourite things to do & please appreciate just how pretty Melbourne is while I bombard you with my favourite photos :- 

Explore Melbourne's Famous City Laneways & Grab a Coffee 

Melbourne has a network of laneways running through its CBD, all of which are crammed with tiny shops, cafes, restaurants. These are all often missed because they can't find the laneways, but if you know where to go you can find alleyways that mimic that of Diagon Alley in Harry Potter.
Take your time walking round these lanes and stop by one of the many small shops, bars & restaurants for a pick of the best souvenirs or a bite to eat. Melbourne is all about the good coffee and in these laneways you may just discover the best coffee of your life.
Roam the Markets
Melbourne and its surrounding suburbs are home to alot of markets!
Most famous of course is the Queen Victoria Markets on Elizabeth Street, which are open daily until 5pm. Here you can get anything from fresh fruit, veg, seafood & meats to your souvenirs, new clothes, bags and shoes - or even occasionally a pet duck!

During the  summer & winter months these markets are transformed every Wednesday evening offering a taste of local food and drink in the Summer (& Winter) Nights Markets. Grab yourself a glass of Pimms, taste the delicious dishes from marinated lamb to Spanish paella and finish off with some of the most naughty deserts around!
In South Melbourne you can find the South Melbourne Markets, which offer pretty much the same array of things as the Vic Market, and also in summer from to to they offer a night market every Thursday.

Get Inspired by the Art Scene

Graffiti and art plays a massive part in Melbourne's identity. You will find it hard to walk down a laneway or street and not seen some sort of art on the walls.
Melbourne is famous for its specific graffiti lanes; most notable Hozier LaneThe art is constantly changing and adapting to current affairs and pictures that are trending world wide. These are some of my favourite pieces I've come across in the city.

Relax in the Botanical Gardens
The botanical gardens in Melbourne is glorious, it spans along the Yarra River and is made up of multiple gardens, exhibitions & lakes. Its my favourite running spot in Melbourne (when I can be arsed) along with many others!
You could spend a whole day wondering round the pathways through the gardens, relaxing in the sunshine with a good book or feed the ducks at one of the ponds.
Take a walk to The Shrine of Remembrance and climb up to take in a beautiful view of the Melbourne skyscrapers. 

Be a Sporting Spectator 

Melbourne is the sporting capital in the world. It is home to 5 internationally recognised sporting venues. From watching the ashes or test-matches at the MCG, to watching the likes of Murray, Federer & The Williams sisters at Australian Open at the Rod Laver & Margaret Court Arenas. Or watching your favourite fast cars battle it out at Albert Park during the Formula 1 Grand Prix.
Along with your AFL, Rugby Union, Soccer games, Netball and the most famous horse race in the world, The Melbourne Cup there is plenty to see all year round!

Take a Different View from Eureka Skydeck 

The Eureka Tower in Southbank is home to the tallest observation deck in the Southern Hemisphere; the Eureka Skydeck AND the highest postbox in Australia! You can visit the 88th floor and marvel at the view of the city. It really is beautiful!
Or, test your nerve and take a step onto the deck that leans off the side of the tower (for an extra fee).If you can't find the Eureka Tower, just look the the tallest building with golden tiles at the top.

Southbank & Yarra River

I have been living in Southbank since November and think its a very cool part of the city. Lining the riverbanks you'll find bars after bars, restaurants and of course the massive Crown Casino! If you head down to the river at night, look out for the fire shooting out every hour - I remember the first time I was walking there at night and balls of fire started shooting up into the sky I started running because I thought it was an explosion haha. Idiot. 
My favourite spots in Southbank are PJs - can't beat $10 espresso martinis on a Saturday night, or drop into Hophaus. If you want to explore more of the river (don't go swimming, please!) then you can board a boat that will take you up and down the Yarra. 

Eat Good Food in Chinatown 
Believe or not I had never had a dumpling before in my life before coming to Melbourne. Apparently I led a very sheltered life back at home. But now they are my go-to and you cannot beat getting them straight from Chinatown. 
You can eat so much good food and so cheaply - and most are BYO so stock up on the wine or beers and settle in for a fun night in Chinatown
My favourites have to be Shanghai Dumpling House, Juicy Bao and Hutong Dumpling Bar. There's actually some of my favourite bars nestled in Chinatown too, so if you're after a few night caps after your feed then head to either Section-8, Fad Gallery, Munich Bar or The Croft Institute

Seaside Visit in St Kilda 
Just outside the city centre you will find the backpacker haven of St Kilda. This seaside town offers a nice escape from the hustle of the city. Take your beach gear and spend the day relaxing and topping up your tan on St Kilda Beach. The beach front is lined with gorgeous cafes and bars so you can enjoy the sunshine with your favourite beverage. A must is walking down the bustling Acland Street and trying to resist all the delicious looking cakes in the windows! There are so many great places to eat here, or even just a drink. A favourite of mine is Abbey Road Cafe. If you're into rides, head on into Luna Park for the ride of your life. Ok, so they aren't crazy rollercoasters, but take some friends and you're sure to have a fun few hours! 

Take a Day Trip & Explore Nature 
I love Melbourne (shock), but what I love more is the places I can escape too outside the city and just on Melbourne's doorsteps. You can do pretty much all of them with local days tours (check out Fun Addicts or New to Melbourne on Facebook) or rent your own wheels and take the drive yourself. Some of my absolute favourites are: The Grampians, Great Ocean Road, Wilsons Prom & Philip Island. 

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