Visit: The Blue Mountains + Video | NSW

The Blue Mountains; a stunning natural beauty, making this World Heritage region a true Australian highlight. A day trip to this region is one of the most popular from Sydney and for good reason!
The slate-coloured haze gives the mountains their name and with a blue horizon of eucalyptus trees that seem to stretch forever you will be be enchanted by the setting. 

The Blue Mountains World Heritage area is about two hours drive west from the city of Sydney. It can be reached by car, train, coach or via a tour group. 

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10 Reasons to Visit Australia


& what a year its been! 
To celebrate my 12 months away living in Australia I thought I'd try and convince everyone else why it should be a destination top on your bucket list! 
I have fallen in love 10 times over with this country and I've still got more I need to see! 

If you're considering coming to live and travel in Australia check out my post here on all my tips on how to get yourself ready from visas, bank accounts, flights etc. 

Australia is up there as one of the most remote countries in the world, but despite that, is one of the most popular places to visit for backpackers and for bloody good reason

If you don't mind long flights, and getting to stop off in new and exotic places along the way, then Australia is for you! 

Australia is home to the world's largest, and most famous reef system in the world; The Great Barrier Reef
Fact: it even has its own postbox! 
It is famous for its abundance in marine-life, world-class diving and beautiful corals (which unfortunately have been dying off at alarming rates!). 
Cairns is the most popular destination to reach the Great Barrier Reef and here you can book on 1 day snorkel trips, boat tours, dive tours the lot! 
A reef that unfortunately gets overlooked by its Eastern sister, is the Ningaloo Reef, found along Western Australia with access from Coral Bay & Exmouth. I was lucky enough to spend a few days here and it is not to be missed. The coral is thriving, and although not as colourful as the Great Barrier Reef, it is alive and kicking. 
I saw turtles, reef sharks, tiger sharks, dolphins, stingrays, manta rays and all kinds of weird and wonderful fish whilst enjoying boat trips and snorkel swims.

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Top 10 Things To Do In Sydney

Ive been to Sydney twice now in my time in Australia, first at the end of an epic road trip after finishing my farm work back in October. I had about 6 days there & tbh spent most of my time in the library trying to organise my life for Melbourne.
The 2nd time was for NYE with my friend Emily and it was a great 5/6 days to revisit some sites and explore some news ones.

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The Best Apps For Backpacking

Its 2017 and we can basically do everything we need to through our smartphones. 
Probably with the exception of showering and using the bathroom but theres probably an app in development for that already. iShower coming to the app store 2020. 
I'm claiming copyright on that right now Apple you hear me! 

We no longer chat to each other because we're too busy snap chatting, instagramming, face booking or tweeting. 
BUT technology does have its perks. 
There is an app for almost anything, and this makes travelling so much easier for us backpackers.
We don't need to carry maps (this makes me sad, I prefer using physical maps to GPS), CD players (do you remember walkmans?), 10 books, calculators etc
We can just use our phones.

These are my ultimate favourite apps for when I'm travelling; everything from finding accommodation, where the best happy hours are, best ways to keep entertained to how to edit your travel photos.

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