Uluru, Kings Canyon & Kata Tjuta with The Rock Tour

I don't know about you but Uluru (Ayers Rock) is one of the first things I think of when I think of Australia, maybe along with the kangaroo, Sydney Opera house, koalas & the Great Barrier Reef of course!
I was planning on leaving a visit to Uluru until later in the year but I was too eager and whilst I was in the area (just a mere 20 hour bus ride away from Alice Springs), it seemed silly not to go.
So off I went!

I arrived in Alice Springs and spent my time staying at the YHA.
As with most attractions there are loads of companies offering you 'the best deal' so it can often be overwhelming with who to go with.
I ended up choosing The Rock Tour and booked onto a 3 day / 2 night tour with our fabulous guide Ashleigh.
The trip is $350 +$25 Uluru park fee and includes all your meals on the trip.

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WA & NT; Broome to Darwin with Intrepid Travel + Video

Welcome to part 2 of my Perth to Darwin adventure!
After a few days of freedom &freshly pedicured feet in Broome it was time to say goodbye to some friends we'd made along the way, and great new comers who we'd be travelling up to Darwin with.
This part of the trip didn't quite go to planned, with unexpected flooding while we were in Manning Gorge we got stranded there for 4-5 days so had to miss out places like The Bungle Bungles & Lake Argyle so if you have time, add them to your itinerary they look good!

Our home away from home at Mt Barnett

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Karijini National Park; WA Video

Out of the very little people who I've met who had already done Western Australia, everyone of them mentioned Karijini & I can understand why.
It is incredible
Karijini National Park is within the Hamersley Range in the Pilbara region in WA.
The geology is this area is spectacular; all the colours of the banded rock are so vivid.
Karijini is definitely notable for its abundance of gorges, waterfalls and swimming water holes; each as beautiful and fun as the last!

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Whale Sharks; Exmouth with Kings Ningaloo Reef Video

The best experience I've had in my life ... so far
If you've not read my previous posts on my trip up the West Coast then you might not be aware with how in love I am with that part of Australia. 
& you might not be aware of all the awesome activities I got up to
including this

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West Coast Trip; Perth to Broome with Intrepid Travel + Video

In April I was lucky enough to spend 3 weeks travelling up the coast in Western Australia from Perth, up through the Kimberlys and ending in Darwin in the Northern Territory.
I. Had. A. Blast! 
 I booked the trip through Intrepid Travel / Adventure Travel Australia and they were brilliant.
The tour was split into 2 sections, Perth to Broome and Broome to Darwin. You can choose to do the whole tour as one, or just do a section of it. 
Shout out to Damo for being the best tour guide! 
& everyone I met on the trip was fantastic! I made some great friends! 
If you want to know any particular details about the trip or if you're debating about going & want more info then feel free to comment below or drop me an email & I can tell you all you need to know ;)

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Pictures To Make you want to visit WA

I LOVE Western Australia
I could go on and on and on for dayssss about how much I fell in love with that part of Australia. 
No but srsly its amazing. 

So many of the people i've met along my travels have just spoken about the East Coast and all the same spots errrrrybody else does (including myself, yep, I did them too - no shame). 
But I hardly ever hear anyone raving about the Pinnacles or Karijini or Coral Bay
..... like why does no one go to WA??!

I ALWAYS go on about them tbh & feel that instead of ranting at you about how much you need to go there (you do!) I will just share some of my very own pictures and you can see for yourself why you need to book your flight (or bus if cheaper ;)) over to WA like asap! 

.... & you're welcome in advance for helping you choose where you're going to next ;) 

Perth & Rottnest Island 

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10 ways to save money whilst backpacking through Australia

Australia is probably one of the most expensive travel-destinations to choose from for a backpacker on a budget. But I urge you not to let this put you off from visiting this truly beautiful country. 
I have been living in Australia for 7 months now & would like to share some of my money-saving tips that I've picked up along the way. 

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