My 15 Favourite Travel Moments of 2016

Well its safe to say 2016 wasn't everyone's favourite year.
Dubbed as 'one of the worst years in history' because of the amount of shit that went down I think most of us are pretty happy to be putting 2016 to bed and try to turn it around in 2017.
Not gonna lie, when Alan Rickman (a.k.a Snape) died within the first 2 weeks of Jan I already had written off the year.
& then Britain when to shit with the whole Brexit thing & then the USA literally 'trumped' us by electing him as president.
A gorilla was killed for gods sake & then to top it all off Princess Leia died in the last week. 
But enough about the negatives ...

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The Rock Tour | Uluru, Kata Tjuta & Kings Canyon Video

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