My Favourite Travel Moments of 2015 + Giveaway

Give-away you say?? Read on to find out more ;) 

I have an abundance of incredible memories from 2015 & my favourite travel ones are all from my USA cross-country did I did back in July with G Adventures
It was the Coast to Coast Eastbound USA Roadtrip and I would 100% recommend anyone who's thinking about doing a USA trip to consider that one; it was brilliant!
You can read the full day to day story here (if you have a spare month or two ;)) 

So here are my top 10 favourite travel moments from my USA trip from 2015 ... 

1. Cycling across the Golden Gate Bridge; San Francisco 

We cycled from Fisherman's Wharf, along the coast to Fort Point, up to the viewing point the the picture, across the bridge and then down and into Sausalito and caught a ferry back to Fisherman's Wharf. It was a great experience & you can really appreciate how big the bridge is once you're cycling along it. The views of the Pacific Ocean are amazing too!

2. Helicopter Ride over The Grand Canyon

This was a dream come true! An early start but well worth it when you spend an hour flying from the South to the North Rim and back again. You can really appreciate why its called the GRAND Canyon! 

3. Jeep Tour through Monument Valley & watching the sunrise through the Totem Poles

So much fun on the jeep ride & got some great photo opportunities; the Navajo guides were all so informative and treacly was a once in a lifetime moment when we got to share dinner with them while they performed Navajo tribe dances around the fire at night and then sleeping under the stars & getting to wake up at 5am to watch the sunrise through the Totem Poles was incredible. 

4. Hiking the Panorama & Mist Trails in Yosemite National Park

Yosemite is heaven on Earth quite literally. It is the most beautiful place i've ever been. 

5. Party Bus & Adventure Day in Las Vegas

6. Bayou Tour & holding an alligator in New Orleans 

7. The View from the top of the Empire State Building; New York City

8. Learning to use a firearm on a shooting range; Nashville 

9. Visiting all the beautiful Memorial Buildings in Washington DC

10. Eating a real Philly Cheese Steak in Philadelphia 

What are your favourite travel memories from 2015? 

I've teamed up with GPSmyCity and we want to give away some goodies to you beautiful people. 
GPSmyCity is available on IOS devices (iPhone & iPad only)  & features self-guided city walks in over 470 cities around the world. 
A really useful app to have when travelling you'll agree!
We want to give away 20 FREE versions of the city of your choice.
So if you've got a trip planned for 2016 & looking for a good city-guide look no further!

All you have to do is comment below & tell me...

 What your favourite travel memory of 2015 is
AND where you would want your city guide to be if you're a winner! 

Good luck!! 

Thanks for reading :) 

♡ G

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