Bucket List

Welcome to my ever-growing bucket list

Cycle across the Golden Gate Bridge; San Francisco

Elephant sanctuary; Thailand

Cat Cafe

Work abroad

See the Northern Lights

See the Southern Lights

Fjords of Norway

Glacier walk

Climb Snowdon

Climb Mt Kilimanjaro

Go camping

See a baseball game; USA

Sugarloaf Mountain; Brazil


Bagan; Myanmar

Tianzi Mountains; China

Victoria Falls; Zimbabwe / Zambia

Vatnajokull Glacier Cave; Iceland

Climb the crown in the Statue of Liberty; New York 

Christ the Redeemer; Brazil

Batu Caves; Malaysia

Iguazu Falls; Argentina / Brazil

Go volcano boarding; Central America

Tickle grey whales; San Ignacio Lagoon, Mexico

Visit each Australia state

Wales rugby match at the Millennium Stadium

Watch the All Blacks

Climb Arc de Triomphe

Visit Big Ben & the London Eye

Visit Edinburgh

The Great Barrier Reef; Australia

Glow-worm cave

Japanese capsule hotel

Eat Belgian waffles in Belgium

Top of the Empire State Building; New York

Chichen Itza; Mexico

The Nazcas Lines

Qin Terra Cotta Warriors

Garden of the Bays; Singapore

Yosemite National Park; California

Wine tasting

Go skiing

Gondola ride in Venice

Milford Sound; New Zealand

Maid of Mist Niagara Falls; Canada

Go in the crown of the Statue of Liberty; NewYork City 

Visit Yellowstone National Park; USA

Top of the Burj Khalifa; Dubai

Learn to surf

Giants Causeway; N.Ireland 

Inca Trail to Machu Picchu; Peru

Snorkel between 2 continents; Silfra Iceland

Neuschwanstein Castl; Germany  

Summit of Mt Vesuvius (nearly)

Le Mont St Michael; France

American road trip

Skydive (argh)

Walk on the Great Wall of China

Visit the Taj Mahal; India


Go on a segway tour

Selfie with a Quokka

Rope swing into water

Petronas Towers; Kuala Lumpur

Fly first class

Sunrise & sunset at Uluru; Australia

Hot air balloon ride

Stand on the Equator

Visit Harry Potter London studios

Camel ride in the desert

Eiffel Tower; Paris

Banff National Park; Canada

Helicopter Ride in the Grand Canyon; USA

Top of the Empire State Building; New York City

Hug a koala 

Visit the Wizarding World of Harry Potter; Florida

Swim with dolphins

Feed a kangaroo 

Meet Jessica the Hippo; South Africa

Sunrise over Angkor Wat; Cambodia

Party in New Orleans

Heart Island; Fiji

Sydney Opera house; Australia

Sleep under the stars

Learn to fire a gun

Snorkel with turtles 

Find the perfect burger

Helicopter ride

Safari in Africa

Full moon party; Thailand

Tennis at Wimbledon

Bay of Islands; New Zealand

Trolltunga; Norway

Go sand boarding

Colosseum; Rome

Ha Long Bay; Vietnam

Gamble in Las Vegas

Go whale watching

Drive the Great Ocean Road; Australia

Tennis at the Australian Open

Visit Hobbiton; New Zealand

Monument Valley; USA

30 countries by 30 

Sail through Whitsunday Islands; Australia

Horseshoe Bend; USA

Go zip lining

Swim with whale sharks

Zhangye Danxia landform; Gansu China

Taj Mahal; India

Great American Road Trip

Bolivia salt flats

Plitvice Lakes; Croatia

Antelope Canyon; USA

Pompeii; Naples

Frans-Joseph Glacier; New Zealand

Island hopping in the Philippines

Visit the Amazon Rainforest

Gamble in Las Vegas 

Bungy Jump

White water rafting


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