Top 10 Things To Do In Las Vegas

Las Vegas; the ultimate adults playground
It is probably on a lot of people's bucket lists to visit this fun, flashy & fast-paced city and whether you're going for your 21st birthday or your 50th, on a hen/stag do or just a long weekend away with friends there is a lot of fun things to indulge in.
I visited in July 2015 as part of a cross-country road trip of the US and loved my time there!
I would love to go back and for a bit longer so I can see and do more of the amazing and weird experiences available. 

Goes without saying, you're in a city with a casino within reach at all times. Whether you're a gambling-virgin or poker-wizard theres tables for everyone. And if you don't fancy trying your luck on a table you can always have a go on the masses of slot machines in the casinos. I would suggest at least reading up on how to play if you've never gambled before. & if you have a gambling problem / addiction maaaaaaybe Vegas isn't for you. Each casino & hotel has a theme so try to explore as many as you can!

Bellagio Fountain
Probably one of the most recognisable fountain displays you'll see. The Bellagio Hotel has a large 'lake' outside and at different intervals during the day & night (Mon-Fri 3-8pm show every 30 minutes, 8pm-12am show every 15 mins) there are beautiful fountain displays to a different song. I only saw the display at night and it was incredible. It attracts a lot of people but the area around the fountains is so big you'll be able to see behind crowds. Be warned though that the last fountain display at night starts at 12am.

Las Vegas Sign
The famous "Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas" sign. Its not a trip without hunting it down and taking a picture standing in from of it. I do regret not getting better pictures / going during the day too. I was very very drunk when we went to the sign and my photos are all blurred / can't actually read what the sign says. I think its like a right of passage for every tourist to Vegas just to prove you've been.

Fremont St Experience
Fremont St is in downtown Las Vegas and is the old old strip. A short taxi from the main strip you can reach Fremont St and tbh it is worth a visit. It has all the old casinos and hotels which are still in use and popular with tourists. I would recommend a visit to the Golden Nugget which has a ginormous glass fish tank in the middle, as well as Binions (which you can't miss!) and while you're there take a picture (for free) with a stack of cash, 1 Million Dollars of cash to be precise. Oooo.
There are loads of bars, shops & food places along the old strip so if you're not interested in gambling here there's plenty more things to do. Every hour make sure to look up at 1500 foot long screen above the strip to watch the 6 minute long Viva Vision Light Show - the screen runs down the strip and has songs playing with amazing light shows above!

Stratosphere Rides

The Stratosphere Hotel is the tallest free-standing observation tower in the US and is well worth a visit to the top!
From the Observation deck you get a panoramic view of the Las Vegas strip and surrounding areas - I highly recommend going up just before dusk so you can see the area in daylight and as the sunsets and the city lights up its seriously cool to witness.
Now apart from the amazing views; its the rides I want to discuss.
There just happen to be 3 rides at the very top of this very tall hotel.
First is X-Scream; it can only be described as a small track leading off the side of the hotel to your death - you just never know if you're going to make it back or not. If the ride attendant was having a shitty day I'm pretty sure he could just send you flying off the edge and that'd be it. It was terrifying!
Next we have Insanity; literally the perfect name for it. A massive claw hanging off the side of the hotel which spins you round and round and makes you go insane. I literally felt high and like I was going to be sick everywhere. That was extra terrifying.
& lastly we have Big Shot; shooting you up 160ft into the air without warning and messes up all your internal organs because they all explode and move around. 100% the most terrifying!
I would 100% recommend going on them all if you're an adrenaline & ride-junkie like myself & for $36 you can go on all three all day with access to the tower
& if you're feeling extra craycray you can just jump off the hotel if you like? No really, thats a thing.
For $119 you can jump off the hotel (in harnesses I'm assuming?) and get a cool picture.

Another one for the adrenaline junkies; the New York New York roller coaster, The Big Apple.
At $15 you go on a crazy roller coaster through and outside the New York New York hotel & casino. It looks amazing from the outside, but riding it is hilarious. I laughed out of fear the entire time because of how crazy the track is. SO many loops!! Its actually quite a long ride too so you're getting your moneys worth!

Go to a Club
There are hundreds of clubs in Las Vegas and if you're a girl the chances are you'll be allowed in for free, very quickly and it'll be a very cheap night for you. Guys however, get ready to fork out $$$ to get in!
Las Vegas plays host to some amazing artists & DJs in the clubs so make sure you do some research of who's playing where if you want to go to the best places!
Encore Beach Club at The Wynn is so good! We went and didn't even realise Lil Jon was playing so had an amazing surprise and time there!

Explore the Hotels & Strip

Try and explore as much as possible. Starting at Mandalay Bay to The Stratosphere is basically the main strip and is 7km to walk. Its do-able, but very tiring. It is very hot in Las Vegas, you're in a desert remember so if you do plan on walking the strip, make sure you drink plenty of water and try to stay in the shade. If you can't be arsed walking the entire way there are free shuttle buses that link up between lots of hotels.
Each hotel has a different theme and to get a feel for this you need to explore the inside not just the outside. You can find all sorts within the hotels; from spas, shopping malls, food courts, fountains, botanical gardens, museums ... etc etc. If you don't fancy exploring the whole strip and fancy a relaxing day at the pool make sure you visit some of the hotels pools & pool parties to really soak up the Vegas vibes!

Party Bus

Get one. If you're traveling in a group it'll be the best start to a night out you've ever had.
We got one with Elite Transportation and was $40 per person. It picked us up at our hotel just off the main strip and drove us to 3 main stops over 2 hours; Las Vegas Sign, Fremont St & Bellagio Fountain. The best thing about the Party Bus is that you can take as much alcohol as you want on board, play your own music, dance on the seats, on the pole, do whatever you want whilst zooming down the strip of Las Vegas. If the floors aren't sticky by the end of the ride you've not done the party bus right!
$40 might seem a lot to pay each, but it'll be the most hilarious & fun pre-drinks you've ever had!

Zipline down Fremont St

One of the coolest ways to view the Fremont St strip; flying over it.
SlotZilla run two different ziplines over Fremont St; the lower zipline or the upper zoom line.
The lower zipline is just $20 and flies you half way down Fremont St 77 feet up in the air. The upper zoom line is $40 and flies you the whole length of the strip from 114 feet high and the coolest bit, you get to fly down in a 'superman' type post lying down.
It was great fun and something totally different to do instead of gambling or drinking and you get such a great view of all the casinos and lights in downtown Vegas.

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