Favourite Things About Autumn

Um, question.
Where has 2015 gone?
Like srsly. 

Its October, basically Christmas, and then we're into 2016 & its the Olympics. 
Where did London 2012 go?! 

However its not all doom and gloom because October is one of my favourite months;

1. Birthday
Yes its my birthday next week. 24. What an age eh. When I was younger I used to think of 24 year olds being really old and having their life together and be buying a house and getting engaged and planning a family. Well, thats actually a lot of people I know - but not me. I refuse to conform. I would much rather be spending my 20s travelling and meeting new people and experiencing new thing rather than being stuck behind a desk complaining about mortgages and bills and how much your husband and kids annoy you. 
Naturally I'm dragging out my birthday over 4 days and plan to get suitable drunk on the penultimate night with 4 of my bestest pals.

2. Kitten
Sadly a few weeks ago my dearest boy Albus (cat) was knocked over and died. I've not felt pain or loss like it before (no offence to anyone previously who's died) and was a struggle. He was the man of the house and we were all his bitches, if he wanted to take up with entire sofa so no one could sit down he'd do so, if he wanted to sit on the table next to your plate and watch you eat he'd do so, and if he wanted any of your food, he'd bloody well help himself. 
We noticed the house was quiet and empty without me and even still me and Carol (mum) look out for him and wait for him to come home. We knew we needed a kitten, well, 3 of us wanted 2 so that there would be twice the love in the house, but noooooooo, Big Steve (dad) wasn't having any of it. We even pleaded that 2 kittens would be better because otherwise he'll either have to pay for
 a. Intensive therapy because we were all struggling with the loss of Albus
or b. have to pay for my gastric band surgery once I've eaten all my feelings. 
Still no. 
But fortunately we found a perfect little princess to come into our new home. Little Muffin. 
Me & Laura had our heart set on calling it Dobby, but turns out she's a girl and Big Steve has forbidden all Harry Potter character names :( 
We get to bring her home this month so I can have something to love and obsess over once again.

3. Australia
No, I'm not going to Australia this month. However I am booking it. I am hoping to head out at the beginning of March next year and start my 12 month Working Holiday Visa and spend the year working & travelling my way round Oz. Its my birthday present to myself. Nice & expensive I know. 
I have already put together a list, folder, powerpoint presentation with handouts of my trip ... I joke. Just a list of everything I want to see and do while I'm there. 
Don't actually think my family realise I'm serious about going and am booking it in a week ha! 
See ya!

4. Rugby World Cup
So far Wales are doing well, with a smashing victory over England on the weekend we are heading into todays (yes I'm writing this on the 1st October) game against Fiji with high hopes and a lot of confidence. Granted we did lose some more players to injuries! But the reserves we're bringing out have plenty of experience! So here's hoping we made it out of the 'Pool of Death' and go all the way to the final on the 31st!
With England's disastrous loss to Australia means they are out of the World Cup and Wales are through to the Quarter-Finals, just one match left against Australia next Saturday to determine which of the two teams are to face potentially South Africa & Scotland. 
Cymru am byth!!

5. Knitwear
I love autumn and winter clothes, all the jumpers come out to play and boots, massive pretty scarves and big coats. Walking round all wrapped up is just perfect :) And being wrapped up warm in bed in your tog 378 duvet with your fleecy onesie is just bliss! We're actually having really nice weather at the moment, granted its getting noticeably colder because of the clear skies but the sun is shining and makes perfect adventure-day weather.

6. Soup & Stew Season
No one eats salads in the autumn. Its cold and you don't want to eat cold food. I won't allow it.
Its all about stocking up on the Heinz soup tins, or fresh meat and veg to start making your own soups and stews in the dusty slow cooker. Nothing beats coming home from work and cracking open a tin of Heinz soup and dipping in your crusty bread. Or on a cold day in work, popping home for lunch and opening the door to the smell of slowly cooking beef stew in the cooker. Mmm

7. Crunchy Leaves
 Stepping on crunchy leaves. That is all.

8. Bake Off Final
I suppose i'm not happy about this, mainly because it means it'll be over then. But Bake Off is my life and it means I can have cake on Wednesdays and laugh at all the great tweets by @MaryBerryNot and count up all the different facial expressions Nadiya pulls and pray that Ian won't win! Oh, and more importantly, I can lust after the goddess that is Mary Berry.

♡ G

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