The Not So Quiet Night In San Antonio

Day 14; San Antontio; 16th July
San Antonio Riverwalk
One of my favourite days!

Note: you may read this post and be like 'this doesn't sound funny' but it was ok! It was hilarious. This post is mainly for me to relive all the hilarious things that happened that day & its hard to make it relatable to people who weren't there so soz.

We were travelling into Texas today & had another really long drive so instead of the usual napping or listening to music a group of us decided to have the best damn game sesh ever! 
Me, Emily, Maho, Matt, Alan, Colin, Joe & Ellie all got involved in the great game day.

It started off with a few simple card games but got more intense as the day went on!
Joe then suggested Mafia which a lot of us had never played so we explained its basically a detective game of working out who was the killer and who was the detective etc. 
It was so funny! 
Everyone got so serious and Alan was hurling the accusations round, mainly at me & Emily! 
The funniest was Colin; didn't even last 1 round because his face just gave it away that he was the mafia! 
After a quick rest stop Ellie suggested a new game for us; write down 10 famous names; anything goes, fold them up into a hat and in 2 teams you have to a. describe them, b. act them out, c. describe in one word (funniest).
It was actually quite challenging, especially when I would always end up with people i'd never heard of!! 
One of the funniest; I had Britney Spears, and it was the describe in 1 word round. 
What word did I say ...
Why am I so good at this game?! 
So Ellie & Colin are naming all these bald men and I'm just there laughing hysterically because it was probably the worst word I could have chosen!! 

Can I also say that this was one of the hottest bus rides too, we were all literally sopping with sweat from just sitting down! 
Another highlight of that very long bus journey; scaring Alan with Audrey.
We'd already got bored of our mascot so she was left to fend for herself and get in the way on the floor, but when Alan was asleep in front of my & Emily we couldn't pass up the opportunity. 
Slowly putting Audrey through the gap next to his face, Em started tapping Alan's shoulder with Audreys hand.... 
I wish we'd filmed it - it was hilarious. 

Finally all worn out from the fun & games we arrived in San Antonio!
We set up camp and took advantage of the pool and went for a dip. 
Team 1 back on cooking duty; swear they had to cook like every day ha!
But that meant my team were on dishes; which ultimately meant I had 10 minutes after finishing the dishes to get showered and ready for out night out at the Riverwalk in San Antonio. 
Sofia & Me
Em, Ellie, Sofia & Me
When looking at the trip itinerary we got an idea of where would probably be big nights out; Vegas & New Orleans. 
San Antonio did not cross our minds to be a cray one; how wrong we were! 
We caught a bus into town and started walking along the riverwalk which is essentially a river with loads of bars and restaurants on either side. 
Our first stop was in a karaoke bar. 
Matt & Alan were straight up singing Greece - Summer Nights!
It was brilliant!
A few cocktails down our necks & then it was me, Em & Joe representing Wales in the best way possible; Tom Jones - Delilah. 
In my head we sounded amazing & we stole the show.
Colin recorded the whole thing for me on my phone.
I've listened to it once the whole way through & I will die before that goes on any sort of social media. It is awful. 
Me & Em had to share a mic and I was basically a massive diva and hogged the mic so all you can hear is my awful voice attempting to hold notes that shouldn't exist. 
Adrian was up next, Sarah went up with Matt & Colin and Kayla did a birra Amy Winehouse. 
We're all so talented! 
Matt & Alan on the karaoke 

Colin, Matt & Sarah doing a bit of Shania! 
Next stop was at an Irish bar for more cocktails and darts.
I was drunk so the thought of throwing sharp objects at a target totally appealed so I signed myself up. I can't remember what the game was called but basically you had to throw the darts at each number in sequence. 
1, 2, 3, in a row. Boom.
I was a natural.
Or just got beginners luck because I'm pretty sure by time people finished I was still on 5. 
It was also in this particular bar that we mastered 'cheers'.
I never knew, but apparently when you clink a glass with someone and say cheers you have to keep eye contact at all times.
News to me.
So we were doing this, drunk, and then it got extremely intense. 
There were dramatic head turns, licking of lips, the odd wink and then the seductive biting of straws. 

By this point there wasn't many of us left; me, Em, Joe, Sarah, Colin, Kayla & Adrian. 
(apologies if you were there too ha!)
& we were all pretty smashed. 
So I mentioned there was a river next to these bars. 
Someone suggest a fantastic idea; go in the river. 
Emily was first in - just at the side where you could actually stand.
Next was Kayla.
Funniest thing i've ever seen. 
She lost a shoe down the gap and started walking away before realising. 
So we went back to find it; she's back in the river like waist deep putting her hand down this gap to find her shoe. 
All the ancient Egyptian artefacts were pulled out of the that river that night; dusty bottles, goblets, million dollar sunglasses and eventually her shoe.
We were howling and obviously decided to bring all these river objects back to camp. 
We all got in a taxi and suddenly we made up some sort of initiation and were licking this dirty old river bottle.
Photo Credit: Colin Wiseman
Photo Credit: Colin Wiseman
Back to the campsite and a quick play in the park which involved spinning in circles as fast as we could before collapsing on the floor. 
Great fun!

As we're walking back to camp, we probably thought we were being really quiet; defo weren't.
We're getting closer to our camp and suddenly we notice a devil child.
Literally the the girl from the ring was just stood up in her tent staring at us not moving a muscle. 
We were shitting ourselves / in hysterics / trying to be quiet but failing / trying to get away from her as quickly as possible.
& then we woke up an angry redneck.
It was like 3am so I guess we could have been a bit quieter, but he didn't have to be so shouty and threaten to get us kicked out. Jeeeez.

Obviously this was a great time to crack out more drinks and go to the pool. 
We had to ask the kind old man on duty & he said it was ok to go in as long as we drank our drinks first; done. 
Only me, Joe & Adrian went in the pool in the end.
Lost my knickers diving in, thats probably why the 'No diving' sign was put into place tbh.
We thought it would be a great idea to have a race. 
Ready, set, go! 
I push off from the wall, lose my knickers again so battle to try and put them on again, Joe's basically at the other side of the pool & Adrian ... well, we're saying he got attacked by a shark. 
I can't confirm or deny if this actually happened. 
But if it hadn't have been for the turtles swimming by to rescue him it could have been a lot worse. 

So Adrian was getting patched up after his shark attack and I was turning into a prune in the pool. 
At about 4am we decided to head back to camp. 
Walking back (devil child had gone now thank god!) and we notice a pair linger behind, oooo ok. 
4 of us continue to walk on and look back to see where the other 2 who cannot be named are; having a cheeky goodnight kiss. Awww
So we sit on a bench and wait for them like good friends. 
They clearly didn't expect us to wait for them and clearly couldn't see us watching from the dark but boy could we see them!! ;)
At one point we were literally hiding under the bench as they approached so they didn't know we were spying! 
I cannot say what happened after that because it would break the circle of trust from that night .... but there was a lot of spying from the dark (pervs) and a bit of tent swapping. 
One final incident of the night; I fell onto our tent trying to get in and cut my arm.
 Turns out you have to zip it open to get in. 

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