Suicide Shots & Buffalo Burgs

Day 12; Santa Fe; 14th July

All the sausages, bacon & egg you could dream of!
There was a bit of segregation at the breakfast table mind you. After pilling our plates high with food, me, Emily & Joe noticed there was no room left at the tables. 
The only free place was at the reject table up the slope and away from the entire camp. 
Oh I see how it is; segregate the Welsh isit. 
Thanks guys.
Eating our food in peace until Emily starts piping up about the increased number of egg shells on her plate, which led to a much-needed maths lesson. 
"Why do I have 2 egg shells???" 
"Well Emily, if you had 1 egg and put the shell on your plate, and I had 1 egg and also put the shell on your plate, how many shells does that make?"

Colin turns up to check on us but doesn't sit down; doesn't want to anger the group for fraternising with the outcasts I suppose. 
He looked a bit worse for wear though. 
Claimed he was "dehydrated"
"So you're hungover??"
"No! Im dehydrated"
"....because you're hungover"

He wasn't happy & was hangin' all day. 

On the road to .... NEW MEHICO
I don't know why but I just loved this state. 
Whether it was just because I enjoyed saying 'New Mehico' over & over I just don't know.

Now we had a lot of pit stops on our driving days; fill up on fuel, stock up on snacks, and endless toilet breaks and when a group of 14 comes into a gas station its bound to cause some delays. 
So many long toilet queues caused by us! 

On arriving into Santa Fe we noticed something; oh yeah it was hot. 
Super hot. 
So we set up camp & sweated like bitches and ran under the shelter to eat our lunch. 
Quick change of clothes and we drove into the centre of Santa Fe for an afternoon of exploring before a group dinner at Cowgirl Boy. Oooo

We walked round the shops for a couple hours & bought the same desired souvs; tshirt, postcards, magnet, pin, bracelet. 
Colin was set on buying some cowboy boots so we found some boot shops for him to checkout. Time dragged on and suddenly Em, Joe & Colin were furniture shopping??! 
F. that.
So me & Sarah strolled over to the square and found Michaela and sat watching some bands rehearse for a concert on that evening. 
Eventually Joe, Em & Colin finished their shopping and found us in the square where we met up with Kayla who had a 'local delicacy' for us to try.
So that was ...... interesting-ly rank. Soz
A pack of Frito corn crisps covered in chilli and cheese.

Dinner time! & it was off to Cowgirl Bar. 
Me, Em, Joe & Colin were straight to the bar to get a round of tequila shots in
"When in Mehico"
& Joe starts saying about doing them 'suicide' which I just assumed was the normal lick the salt, do the shot, suck the lime. So I'm there agreeing "ye ye suicide". Nope. 
Joe then explains what an actual suicide shot is:
"You snort the salt, do the shot and then squeeze the lime in your eye"
Genuinely the most ludicrous thing I've heard! Me, Em & Colin aren't sold so we ask Joe to go first.
That didn't help.
The pain on his face did not make it look any more appealing so we just watched on in shock as he's snorting salt up his nose and squeezing limes into his eyes!?
Surely the point of having salt & lime is to take away the horror of having to taste tequila? Now you've got 3 times the pain and nothing to take the taste from your nose, mouth or eyes!!
We did our shot the 'normal' way and then proceeded to join the rest of the table for dinner.

Tequila was flowing in all forms at the table; shots, sunrises. 
& this was before food had come. 
Probably didn't help Colin's "dehydration" ...*cough* hangover. 
Looking through the menu and immediately I'm sold on the buffalo burger, with added Monterrey Jack cheese & bacon. Boom.
It was sensational.
Literally the best burger I've ever tasted! 
An orgasm in a bun

Just look at it.
My mouth is watering.
Also, that was the only picture I took in Santa Fe ha!

Whilst waiting for our food to come, Nicola starts asking me of these rumours flying around of me undressing Alan & Alan undressing me
"Wait ...What??!" Alan!!
I tried to explain it was a friendly gesture because his shoulder hurt but no one was convinced ha!

With everyone in a great mood, well, I'm not actually sure about everyone else, but I felt fantastic ... we had the best return bus ride to date!
ALL the classics were played.
The best singalong ever!

"Karma, karma, karma, karma, karma chameleon"
"Country rooaaaads, take me hommme. To the plaaaaaace, I belonggggg"
"Gold. Always believe in your soul. You've got the power to know. You're indestructible, always believe in, because you are GOLD"
"Its gonna take a lot to drag me awaaaaay from you. Theres nothing that a hundred men or more could ever do. I bless the rains down in Africaaaa"

Good times. 
Back at camp we made a new friend. A dog decided to make our camp its new home so we played with him round the campfire before he disappeared off into the wilderness. See ya. 
Em, Joe & Adrian got into an intense discussion about films and music that me & Colin had no idea about so on that note I headed to bed to attempt an 'early' night. 

Now it turns out Emily isn't the only one who talks in her sleep. 
She 'claims' I woke her up in the middle of the night because I was sat up telling her there were snakes in the tent. 
I do actually remember it happening lol, I've done it a few times at home. Woken up standing in my room by the door with the light on because I had a dream there was a spider or a snake in my room. 
My baaaaaad.
Keeping her on her toes ;) 
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