Tapas, Onion Pimms & the Runaway Peppers

Genuinely one of the funniest evenings I've had in a long time!
3 bottles of wine (not all to myself) probably helped but still.

Since my friends (also known as The Fambly) have finished uni or moved away from home it gets harder & harder to organise times to see each other
So whenever we have even a small opening in our diaries we try and make time for each other.

We decided to try out a new tapas restaurant in Rhos called Red Sails 
& it. was. delicious 
(not everyone would agree ... *cough* Bex) 
They had a great offer of any 4 dishes with a bottle of wine for £30

Now us all being tapas virgins (I think) we didn't have a clue how many we'd actually need between 5 of us or what the portion sizes were like - our waiter was like 'some people have 4 each, others have 8, some can manage 12) 
Not really helping mate (Y) :/ 
We chose 12 dishes which meant 3 bottles of wine ... #winning 
& added a meat platter for the lols because who doesn't love meat?

We picked 12 which the majority of us liked the sound of (Bex not so much. Poor girl only liked the sound of about 1 dish haha ... serves you right for suggesting a tapas bar!) 
& dove straight in when the food came! 

I tried explaining (drunk) what happened next to my mum last night & she didn't really understand so this may be wasted on here too but it tickled me so much it would be rude not to mention it.
As you can gather from the picture the table was pretty packed with dishes all over the show so we were constantly having to lean over everyone to reach things.
One dish in particular took a fancy to our Niamh 
The Padron Peppers ;) 
Casually leaning over to help herself to another dish, the peppers saw their opportunity and hooked their stem (unsure of the technical term?) to Niamh's clothes & bobble on her wrist. 
Fashioning her a nice new pretty charm bracelet
Simple but the funniest thing I've seen in ages!
The bottles of wine probably made it 10x funnier but then whilst all laughing & crying, Emily snorted a piece butternut squash (or courgette I can't remember, maybe both?) whilst laughing and got it lodged in her nose. 

It then just kept getting worse for Niamh :( 
We left the Red Sails and headed to the Rhos Fynach for a few bevs before going home
I was in the mood for some Pimms so me Bex & Niamh ordered a jug to share.
Now I don't know about you but the fruit I expect to see in my jug of Pimms are strawbs, lemons, oranges, lime, cucumber and maybe a dash of mint 
No. Not Onions
Apparently the Fynach was serving a new special edition Pimms that night.
Pouring into the 3 glasses and out falls slices of red onion into poor Niamhs glass. 

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