We didn't get tshirts made for our trip but we're having a hashtag


Not consulted Emily on this yet but I'm sure she'll be keen
Might get it trending ya'know 

A week to go. Cray

You'll be pleased to know (or not actually care?) that I'm calmer than last week
So thats one thing done off my goals list from my last post.

As for the other goals:
My hair is not shit!! Hallelujah (took me a good few attempts to spell that correctly)
I had faith in my hairdresser and it turned out wonderful
Had a good 5/6 inches hacked off so its goodbye to Hagrid-hair which I've suffered from for months, and hello to my short sleek doo 

(god knows how long it'll stay like that once the heat & humidity gets to it)

I sadly have not found a hat though :( 
It just wasn't meant to be 
What is life
& its just my luck that New York is last on the route otherwise I could have worn my Statue of Liberty foam hat everyday

& I have not made a time-machine which is the worst because the last 2 weeks have dragged sooooooo much!!
At least I only have 4 days left of work

I have however packed which I am so glad I did because if I left it to this weekend I would have had a mare if things didn't fit or didn't have enough things. I think thats the main reason I am calm because I know that my bag will be fine & waaaaay under the weight limit
I hope
I used one of those electronic weighing things and it said it was 10.5KG
- this was everything minus my underwear but really, how heavy can a few bras & knickers be?
So I am praying that is accurate because that means ......

This was my haul from last year so i've got a challenge to beat that lot 
(Fun game: spot the most inappropriate postcard & extra points if you can guess where its from)

Hint: Look to the right :-o
Amsterdam is filth

I just hope the next week goes quite quickly & I can go on holiday in one piece
Everytime I go to the gym or fitness classes I am so scared that its going to be that day that I brake a bone or injure myself somehow
Im actually going to school tomorrow to take part in sports day and be part of the 'past pupils' team.
5 years since my last sports day - can't wait for that buried evil competitiveness to show itself
/ face the shame when I lose to kids 5 years younger than me!
It may not have been the best idea to put my name down for 2 sprints & relay as the likelihood of me hurting myself is high
Oh well - YOLO
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