Piha Paradise; with Trippy

When I first arrived into Auckland, I knew I only had 1 week to get my shit together and explore before starting back at work with Railplus the following week. 
Well, there was no messing around - I was straight to the information centre seeing what I could get up to while I had some free days. 

The weather was a bit erratic and so for the only sunny day left in the week I decided to get my ass out of the city and off to visit Piha on the West Coast. I'd seen loads of gorgeous photos on Instagram & Pinterest of Piha & especially Kite Kite Falls and I needed to know how to get there. Being someone who cannot drive, its not always easy to visit some of the places that local buses or trains bypass. 
I did a bit of research and noticed the only company that offered day trips to Piha were Trippy.

Mike who set up and runs Trippy did something I admire - he noticed a gap in the market for trips to Piha and decided to do something about it. He got himself a van and created Trippy. Everyday he gets to take people across to explore and enjoy a beautiful part of New Zealand that they might not be able to get to otherwise. 

You can check out the website here: https://www.trippy.co.nz where you can book yourself on a day tour, single-shuttle to Piha, or the Hilary's Hike. 

D E T A I L S 
You start your adventure at Base, just off Queen St in Auckland for 8:50am. All aboard and enjoy the drive out of the city and into the beautiful Waitakere Ranges. Its not a long drive but spend the time getting to know the other passengers, ask Mike all those NZ questions you want answering, or just sit back and enjoy the view! 

The first stop is at a scenic lookout that faces Piha Beach; it gives you the best view of Lion's Rock and the surrounding area! A quick drive down the mountain and into Piha, Mike will give you the low-down on Piha. 
Now Piha, isn't very big so you can't really get lost but there are 3 roads to remember basically - one to Kite Kite Falls, one to the beach, and one to the "town". 

You can choose to get dropped off where you like; you've got the full day to explore! I'd recommend starting at Kite Kite Falls. Enjoy the easy walk through lush native forests along the river to the base of Kite Kite Falls. Jump in for a swim & cool off in the freezing AF water! Keep an eye out for the famous lone eel! 

If you're feeling a little more adventurous, continue the walk up to the top of Kite Kite Falls - its about a 10-15 minute walk but prepare for a bit of a climb up the steps! You will NOT be disappointed with the views though. Enjoy some private lagoons and an infinity pool that overlooks the waterfall and forests. Its in places like this where I wish I have a travel-buddy who had "The Vision" - could capture the photos that I want, with me in them. But, a tripod and an old GoPro were all I had so made the best out of that situation. 

Next, a trip to the volcanic black sands beach! Lay down a towel, soak up the sun, watch the surf or attempt to climb up Lion's Rock. This particular section of beach is one of the most deadliest swimming areas in New Zealand so make sure if you fancy a dip, stay between the flags people! 

If you walk to the left-side of the beach you will find a stair-path up into the hillside. This is a really nice (but steep) walk - follow the trail to some awesome viewpoints: Mermaids Lagoon, the Gap, the blowhole. 
It really is a slice of paradise here. 

If you didn't bring your own food, head into "town" and get yourself some lunch. I say "town" because you've literally got like 3 places to choose from to eat and thats your lot. 

What I really like about this day tour is that you get all the info, tips from a normal organised tour, but have the freedom to do what you like and for how long. Mike simply takes you there, shows you where you can go and lets you know about all the cool places and then you have a whole day to explore what you want until he picks you up again around 4pm. OR if you fancy overnighting in Piha, you can just let Mike know and use your return another day back to Auckland! 

Check out all the cool photos on their Instagram @trippynewzealand 

Thanks for reading & happy travels 

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