GPSMyCity: Turning My Articles into Apps

I really do love being able to write and share my experiences and stories through my website, and i've been lucky enough to work with the fabulous people at GPSMyCity who are starting to turn my articles into App format! 

As of Monday 20th February, my article "USA City Reviews: San Fransisco" will be able to download through the GPSMyCity app! 


GPSMyCity (available on both Apple & Android devices) is one of my favourite travel apps! 
They produce city maps for over 750 cities across the world. 
All of which have different walks which you can follow with the app and explore cities at your own pace and leisure but making sure you see all the fantastic spots along the way! 
The app uses GPS tracking so theres no need to worry about getting lost along the way.

A new feature that is great for GPSMyCity, me, and YOU is that they are incorporating links to articles based on whichever city it is you are exploring, everything from 'Top 10 things to do", "Best restaurants", "Best Backpacker Accommodation" etc - all hand chosen by GPSMyCity, and more importantly, written by backpackers, travellers, people like me who want to share their opinion and experiences! 

& the best thing about them, you can download them for FREE! 
This means you can look at them offline without having to use up that precious internet data. 

So instead of having to google information about your next travel destination and keep having to go through your bookmarks, or try to remember which sites you looked at -  you can simply use your new GPSMyCity app, choose your city and have ALL the information you could wish for on your phone saved for you. 

Now to the good part:
GPSMyCity are launching my article 
"USA City Reviews: San Francisco" 
to be featured on the App, and even better, for the first week of launch it will be FREE to upgrade your app!
The articles launches on Monday 20th Feb so don't miss out as the free upgrade offer will only be available for one week!

I promise you, as someone who constantly is researching places to visit and what todo there, this app is so handy as I have everything I could need in one single app! 

To download the app simply search for "GPSMyCity" and download straight onto your phone. 
Search for San Francisco and you'll find a link to my article "USA City Reviews: San Francisco"
OR click HERE and it'll take you straight there! 

I'd love to hear what you think about the article, you're opinion on using travel article apps, or if my guide to San Fransisco has helped you at all! 

Thanks for reading & happy travels 

♡ G

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