Whale Sharks; Exmouth with Kings Ningaloo Reef Video

The best experience I've had in my life ... so far
If you've not read my previous posts on my trip up the West Coast then you might not be aware with how in love I am with that part of Australia. 
& you might not be aware of all the awesome activities I got up to
including this

Swimming with WHALE SHARKS!
in Exmouth, WA
Yep. 8 of them to be precise. 

This whole experience was booked through the fantastic company Kings Ningaloo Reef.
For $350 you can spend the day on their boat the Magellan with their lovely crew and snorkel in some of the best sites the Ningaloo Reef has to offer, AS WELL as heading out beyond the reef in search of the famous whale sharks which like to show themselves between April & July. 
On board the crew take care of you from the get-go - you are never hunger or thirsty!! 
& they supply all the gear you will need ... stinger vests, flippers, snorkel & masks. 
Just bring yourself, your costume & your camera!
& if you're not the most confident swimmer there are loads of flotation aids for you to use!

I really loved this experience and it makes me genuinely happy anytime I look back at my pictures & videos of it or talk to someone about it. 

Check out my GoPro video I made of the whole experience. 
A big thank you to Kings Ningaloo Reef for such a brilliant day! 

G Goes Global - Australia #3 Exmouth Whale Shark Swim, Kings Ningaloo Reef Tour - GoPro Hero 3+ Silver from Gemma Williams on Vimeo.

Thanks for reading & happy travels 
♡ G

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