2 weeks until Australia

I have officially left work *yaaaay
& now I have 2 weeks to get my shit together. 
This may come as a huge surprise to everyone, but I've not actually packed yet. 
Like not once. Not even a small test-pack,
Wtf is wrong with me.?
Im far too relaxed & its kind of scary.
I honestly don't think my brain has processed that I'm leaving yet so its just all chill & happy & going with the flow. 

I will do a post on what I'm actually taking, but since I've not packed yet I honestly couldn't tell you & it'd be all lies. 

I will say that I am ok, if not over-prepared, in terms of research. 
I am confident in saying that I could move to Perth today and I would be able to navigate myself around the city without the use of maps or phones and know exactly where I was and where I needed to go. I could locate a specific restaurant or cafe, know exactly what I'm going to eat without looking at the menu & know how much its going to cost me. 
Im sad I know
Its all Pinterest & Instagram's fault. 
It all started I was looking at pretty pictures on there of Western Australia & Perth and I found a picture of an awesome milkshake & it led to hours or finding out where it was from and then stalking & following that cafe on Instagram and reviewing their online menu & now i'm good to turn up and know what I want to order. 

So whats the plan?
Well I would have loved to plan every single day for 12 months but I felt I should leave myself some options for spontaneity so i've settled for the first 2 months.
No, not every single day, but a rough idea of what i'll be up to! 

I am flying from Manchester airport to Doha & then Doha to Perth 2 weeks on Monday!
I will be staying in Perth for 5 weeks & staying @ Billabong Backpackers Resort
Ive booked my accommodation for the whole month, but if I don't actually end up liking the place I can cancel free of charge and go somewhere else. 
Some of the things I'm most looking forward to seeing in Perth are ...

THE QUOKAS; i.e the happiest critters on Earth & its like a craze or something to get a #quokaselfie 
They are only found on Rottnest Island so that'll be an exciting day trip! 
COTTESLOE BEACH; apparently one of the best places to watch the sunset over the Indian Ocean
FREMANTLE; great markets & home to so many foods I discovered on Instagram.
PERTH ZOO & AQWA; I love a good zoo & aquarium 

After 1 month in Perth I will be taking to the road with 
'Adventure Tours Australia / Intrepid Travel
& going on a 3 week trip from Perth up to Darwin. 
The trip travels up the coast of Western Australia & visits some incredible places...

It then ventures into the Kimberley and the outback before arriving in Darwin. 
Just look at the map below, a lot of ground covered! 
It is a similar style trip to the one I did with G Adventures in USA in terms of camping / hostels, group activties, food included etc so I think it'll be a great trip. 
The trip details can be found here if you fancy a trip up the West Coast yourself ;) 
I am aware I could probably do this trip myself at a fraction of the cost, but as I don't drive it seems a lot easier for me to have someone take control of the driving & accommodation & food & I can just enjoy the sightseeing & journey! 
I am booked onto the 22nd April departure tour so can't wait to give it a review after and show you all the incredible places the West Coast has to offer! 

From Darwin its all yolo-go-with-the-flow

Have you done this trip before or know some good places to visit along the way?
 Comment below or drop me an email I'd love to hear all your tips!

Ready to book your own trip? 
Use the link to get 5% off your trip when booking through TourRadar 

Thanks for reading.

♡ G

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& follow my upcoming Australia Adventure! 

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