The Last Leg

Day 23; Philadelphia & New York; 26th July

So I actually stopped writing in my diary from here & its 2 months later so what I type next might be a complete lie and didn't happen or it'll happen in the wrong order. 

After a very drunk farewell to camping party it was time to pack up out tents for the very last time :( 
But we were heading North to the big bad city of New York; with a few key stops on the way ;)

Into Maryland & through Baltimore we drove through some of the roughest areas in the states; all I had in my head was
"Goodmorning Baltimooooreee, everyday like an open door"
You know the one from Hairspray, great film! 

A new hour, a new state; Hello Delaware, Goodbye Delaware.
Fun fact Adrian gave us: Delaware is the only state that doesn't have a National Park. 
Moving on, and into .... PENNSYLVANIA
Home of the sacred Phili cheese steaks! 
We parked up and strolled through the streets in search of the 'King of Steaks' - Pat's. 
The menu was very complicated in the sense you had to say weird words if you wanted onions or no onions and what cheese you wanted. I was panicking, I knew I would end up saying the wrong thing and probably just ask for an onion sandwich.
Alas I did ask for the wrong thing, stupid onions, but at least it came with the steak & cheese!

Take a minute just to look at the picture below. 
It. was. beautiful. 
I need one right now. 

After our delicious lunch we drove into the centre and had a chance to pose with the state of Rocky & run up the famous Rocky Steps. 
I had a race with Alan & Matt, tbf I was in flip flops and not wearing a sports bra but I came 2nd so i'll take the silver medal with pride! 
Lots of fun group shots later & it was time to get back on the road. 

Get your guns out for the lads!

Across another state border we found ourselves in New Jersey, just one away from New York!
But first we had a short stop off in Princeton, where Adrian grew up to meet his parents and to have a wonder round the town & see the university. 
Straight off the bus, me, Emily & Colin head for the Princeton University gift shop.
Oh my. 
Literally found myself in this shop.
I need to go to Princeton.
Purely so I can fork out $3894893 on all the fun clothes and stuff they have in that shop! 
Naturally I bought a Princeton tshirt and various souvenirs. 
We wondered round trying to find a famous ice cream shop, when we realised none of us actually wanted ice cream. 
We had 15 minutes left before supposed to meet up with the group so Emily headed off to see the University and me & Colin found a bar & some alcohol!
"Small white wine please"

Princeton University <3
We downed our drinks and met up outside with everyone to meet Adrians mum :) 
A brief walk through the University campus I started to see myself here in my Princeton gear. 

On we drove and soon we started to get caught up in traffic jams and knew we had made it to New York.
Our first view of the skyline was great and we even caught a glimpse of the Statue of Liberty. 
We were staying in Brooklyn so headed to our hotel for the night. 
Here we unloaded our stuff for the last time and it was farewell to our beloved Griffin :'( 
Miss you Griffin. 

We had dinner reservations at a vietnamese restaurant so had some time to freshen up and get dressed before heading out for the final time with the group. 
The food was delicious! So so tasty & the drinks were flowing. 
Dinner done, we headed over to a bar for final drinks before people started heading off and saying final goodbyes. 

I told myself I wasn't going to drink much because we had a super early start tomorrow because me & Em had to get a tube over into Manhattan to find our hotel before our busy 2 days of sight seeing. 
I drew the line after tequila shots and we all wondered back to the hotel. 
Lots of goodbyes later and a group of us found ourselves outside in the courtyard drinking until the early hours, oops.
"We'll only stay for like 30 minutes" I told Emily
Me, Emily, Sarah, Kayla, & Colin stayed up playing "i've never".
Alllll the stories came out then ;)
But they cannot leave the circle of trust! 
Emily headed to bed, I said i'd be up in a minute.
More drink and secrets later and we all called it a night. 

More goodbyes & I crept into our room and set my alarm for 6am. 
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