The Wedding Planners

Day5; Yosemite NP & Bishop; 7th July

Im not a morning person AT ALL, so these early wake ups were killing me. Every morning me & Em had a routine:
She'd wake up super early, start getting ready / go for a shower and wake me up around 7am
I'd snooze for a while (it eventually got later and later) and then get up when everyone else already had tents down and was tucking into breakfast. 
This is why I never got OJ 

I thought that a nice cool shower would wake me up;
not this shower. 
It was freezing and barely a trickle running out so I just stood half a meter away splashing the odd bit of water over me in an attempt to get clean. 

Our first stop of the day was at the Giant Sequoia park to see the biggest living organisms in the world!! Its amazing how thick and tall these bad boys can get ;) 
A short walk away there was a massive one that had fallen down and you can walk through a tunnel down the trunk. 
It was more like a crawl in the end
A few of us went down & I decided to film the whole thing, pointless - it was pitch black. 
I also promised I wouldn't put it anywhere because it had a shot of up Ellie's dress the entire time oops!
Photo credit: Kayla Rodiger

Photo Credit: Sofia Eriksson
We stopped for lunch at the gorgeous Lake Tenaya. I had put my bikini on under clothes because we were told there was a lake stop but I waited until Matt, Alan & Joe had run in to test the water before making the decision to stay put.
Their girly screams didn't sell it for me. 
               Braved up a bit after lunch and went in in my shorts, it wasn't actually that cold!

Lake Tenaya 
Back on Griffin and another supermarket sweep stop; bought myself a bat & ball set to play at campsites, only actually used it once because lost the ball lol. 

On our drive into Bishop we drove through a massive freak hailstorm and the whole group were thinking the same thing

"Shit, are we going to have to put up our tents in this???' :/ 

Luckily we avoided the hail, it passed as we continued onto our campsite and was glorious weather as we drove into 'Browns Town Campground'
Tents up me & Emily attempted a game of tennis, but basically had a rally of about 10 and kept hitting it into the roads or no where near each other:
"Oops, sorry"

Big salad for dinner tonight which was great followed by more beers and discovering that Kayla had the LOTR album on her phone; cheeky bit of Elrond's Council over dinner went down a treat ;) 
A lot of backstreet boys was played that night round the campfire, and more fun playing Heads Up.

We soon realised that Vegas was tomorrow!!
Excitement set in and we started trying to plan a wedding;
Joe would marry Colin = Jolin
& Matt would marry Alan = Malan 
I remember laughing more than i've ever laughed before and we took the wedding plans to the extreme planning hen & stag dos. 
Joe wasn't sure how his parents would react to his marriage so we hatched a plan and say he married a Coleen ;)
Matt & Alan had already started to form their amazing Bromance and we wanted to cement that relationship in a binding contract :) 
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