Skyline Obsessions

I love world map print and my collection has been growing quite rapidly
but I stumbled across something new which I have already decided is my new obsession


A few years ago I bought an amazing world map art poster from 
Modern Art Prints on eBay and fell in love with all the other world map posters they sell.
I could have easily bought several posters in all the pretty patterns, but at the time I was a poor student so it probably would have meant not eating for a week or two (possibly worth it though?). 

How pretty!  How could I resist?!?

I was recently looking back on their site (for a certain persons birthday present) 
and noticed they do skyline art prints. 


I need them all or near enough! 
I've already got my eye on a few I may buy post-america-trip of some of the places I'm going
You know, nice little reminders of where I've been ... 
as if the thousands of postcards won't be enough but still ;) 

I wish I'd seen these years ago, could have bought a fair few after Interrail last summer. 
I really enjoy this Paris one, very Ooo La La 

This has just reminded me - my first time visiting Paris was back in ..... 2007?
-  on a school trip, hilarious trip btw! 
(Who knew electrocuting myself and a poor innocent goat could be so funny!)

But anyway, I actually bought my parents a pretty poster of Paris from the Eiffel Tower shop.
Did they like it and put it up?
Did they balls!
Where is it now? 
Still on top of their wardrobe collecting dust never to be seen again!
Well if they think I'm getting them any posters this time they can think again! 
Come to think of it, they've still not used (or probably opened) the present we got them last year from our Interrail trip - don't know why we bother tbh! 
Who wouldn't be happy with a 2015 Pope Francis calendar??
Just look at that face :) 

Love him

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