Gemily's Bucket List

Gemma + Emily = Gemily ;) 

For our upcoming adventure we decided to create a bucket list of the things we want to try / see & do! 

It was going to be no more than 2 for each place but that was too difficult so anything goes!
A lot of the more 'obvious' attractions and sites are already booked like Alcatraz & State of Liberty so no point including them as we know we're already doing them! ;) 
You may notice a lot are food or drink related, I'm sorry but you can't go to America and not experience a stack of pancakes for breakfast covered in maple syrup or pretend you're Carrie Bradshaw and drink Cosmopolitans in New York! 

1. Cycle across the Golden Gate Bridge; San Francisco 

2. Hang on the side of a cable car; San Francisco 

3. Walk the Panorama & Mist Trail; Yosemite National Park

4. Zipline down Fremont St; Las Vegas

5. Rides at the top of Stratosphere Hotel; Las Vegas

6. Gamble in a casino; Las Vegas

7. Million Dollar picture in Binons; Las Vegas

8. Watch Bellagio Fountain Show; Las Vegas

9. Helicopter Ride over the Grand Canyon

10. Watch Sunrise / sunset over the Grand Canyon

11. Sleep under stars & watch sunrise; Monument Valley

12. Eat Green Roasted Chilis; Santa Fe

13. Buy an Alien Mascot; Roswell

14. Picture with the biggest cowboy boots; San Antonio

15. Try Gumbo; New Orleans

16. Sample famous Hurricane & Grenade cocktails at Pat O'Briens & Tropical Isle;  New Orleans

17. Buy a voodoo doll; New Orleans

18. Visit a Jazz Bar; New Orleans

19. Drink Southern Comfort in New Orleans

20. Bar top dancing in Coyte Ugly; Memphis or Nashville

21. Drink Jack Daniels in Memphis

22. Meet a cowboy; Nashville

23. Ride a mechanical bull in a cowboy bar; Nashville

24. Bike ride round Central Park; New York City

25. Top of the Empire State Building; New York City

26. Drink Cosmos in New York - So Sex and the City! ;)

27. Eat corn dog / chilli dog / pretzel / pizza; New York

28. Eat Smores

29. Cheesecake from The Cheesecake Factory

30. Watch a baseball game

31. Picture with the naked cowboy; New York

32. Breakfast / Lunch at iHop

33. Trek the South Kaibab Trail to 'Ooh Aah Point'; Grand Canyon

34. Have a real dirty American Burger

35. Magnolia Bakery Cupcakes; New York

*To be updated as we think of more things to do*
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