Something that I have tried to improve on the last year or so is using my GoPro more and capturing videos of my travels. I started making mini movies and have since uploaded maybe 15 or so in my Australia series. 

I am always looking to improve my videos, from what I capture, down to the editing stages. But its just a way for me to be able to show what I have been up to so friends & family back home can see. & if you're neither of those well just enjoy anyway :) 

I started off using my GoPro Hero 3+ Silver - but it looks like it is on its last legs after 4 years of hard work.
I now take all videos on my Canon SX620 HS.

 I edit all my videos on GoPro Studio and upload them all to Vimeo. 

You can view all my videos so far below:

If you have any tips that you would like to share with how to improve my videos please get in touch! 


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