Skyline Obsessions

I love world map print and my collection has been growing quite rapidly
but I stumbled across something new which I have already decided is my new obsession


A few years ago I bought an amazing world map art poster from 
Modern Art Prints on eBay and fell in love with all the other world map posters they sell.
I could have easily bought several posters in all the pretty patterns, but at the time I was a poor student so it probably would have meant not eating for a week or two (possibly worth it though?). 

How pretty!  How could I resist?!?

I was recently looking back on their site (for a certain persons birthday present) 
and noticed they do skyline art prints. 


I need them all or near enough! 
I've already got my eye on a few I may buy post-america-trip of some of the places I'm going
You know, nice little reminders of where I've been ... 
as if the thousands of postcards won't be enough but still ;) 

I wish I'd seen these years ago, could have bought a fair few after Interrail last summer. 
I really enjoy this Paris one, very Ooo La La 

This has just reminded me - my first time visiting Paris was back in ..... 2007?
-  on a school trip, hilarious trip btw! 
(Who knew electrocuting myself and a poor innocent goat could be so funny!)

But anyway, I actually bought my parents a pretty poster of Paris from the Eiffel Tower shop.
Did they like it and put it up?
Did they balls!
Where is it now? 
Still on top of their wardrobe collecting dust never to be seen again!
Well if they think I'm getting them any posters this time they can think again! 
Come to think of it, they've still not used (or probably opened) the present we got them last year from our Interrail trip - don't know why we bother tbh! 
Who wouldn't be happy with a 2015 Pope Francis calendar??
Just look at that face :) 

Love him

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Peg-Plotting & German Wenches

In 6 weeks time I will be sitting aboard the Delta DL0235 plane next to Emily (hopefully ... unless customs have taken for her smuggling too many pegs*) ready for our 11:15am take off! 

*Yes, 'Power of the Peg' is coming to USA! 
Played it on a few family holidays back in the day, at a couple of house parties and we took it to Ibiza a few years ago when me Emily and Bex went away after graduating. 
Basically just clip a clothes peg (or multiple if you're cray) somewhere on a person and wait to see how long they go before noticing - hours of fun!
Who needs ipads & xboxes ... pack of pegs please! 
I think the funniest was when me and Bex pegged Emily going through security on the way home from Ibiza.
 I think we envisioned her being tackled to the floor by Spanish security and taken into questioning at what was hidden inside these mystery pegs! 
Sadly didn't happen, but was funny all the same. 
Maybe US security are a little more strict when it comes to pegs ;) 

So with 6 weeks to go my fitness routine is going quite well, well I'm assuming so because I currently can't move my arms or legs. However with a Eurovision party on the horizon with loads of tasty European dishes (and Aussie shrimp on the barbie**) I may have a naughty weekend! 
Me and Bex are representing Germany and are dressing up as German Wenches (Y)
- one of my favourite pastimes tbh. 

**Quick side note rant: now I know I did a Geography degree but do not claim to be a genius in the subject but i'm preeeeeeeeeety sure Australia is not in Europe, nor anywhere near Europe! Now I may be wrong, and they may have suddenly joined Europe from afar but i'm 99.9% certain that they aren't! So WHY ARE THEY IN THE EUROVISION PLEASE??!! 

So after that massive tangent I can't actually remember what I was going to write about. 

Maybe something about only having 6 weeks left to make lists (more??!) and repack (again??!) and think of more things to add to our really 'short' bucket list?
Wish I hadn't broken the laminator in work or I'd so be making us laminated copies!!
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Gemily's Bucket List

Gemma + Emily = Gemily ;) 

For our upcoming adventure we decided to create a bucket list of the things we want to try / see & do! 

It was going to be no more than 2 for each place but that was too difficult so anything goes!
A lot of the more 'obvious' attractions and sites are already booked like Alcatraz & State of Liberty so no point including them as we know we're already doing them! ;) 
You may notice a lot are food or drink related, I'm sorry but you can't go to America and not experience a stack of pancakes for breakfast covered in maple syrup or pretend you're Carrie Bradshaw and drink Cosmopolitans in New York! 

1. Cycle across the Golden Gate Bridge; San Francisco 

2. Hang on the side of a cable car; San Francisco 

3. Walk the Panorama & Mist Trail; Yosemite National Park

4. Zipline down Fremont St; Las Vegas

5. Rides at the top of Stratosphere Hotel; Las Vegas

6. Gamble in a casino; Las Vegas

7. Million Dollar picture in Binons; Las Vegas

8. Watch Bellagio Fountain Show; Las Vegas

9. Helicopter Ride over the Grand Canyon

10. Watch Sunrise / sunset over the Grand Canyon

11. Sleep under stars & watch sunrise; Monument Valley

12. Eat Green Roasted Chilis; Santa Fe

13. Buy an Alien Mascot; Roswell

14. Picture with the biggest cowboy boots; San Antonio

15. Try Gumbo; New Orleans

16. Sample famous Hurricane & Grenade cocktails at Pat O'Briens & Tropical Isle;  New Orleans

17. Buy a voodoo doll; New Orleans

18. Visit a Jazz Bar; New Orleans

19. Drink Southern Comfort in New Orleans

20. Bar top dancing in Coyte Ugly; Memphis or Nashville

21. Drink Jack Daniels in Memphis

22. Meet a cowboy; Nashville

23. Ride a mechanical bull in a cowboy bar; Nashville

24. Bike ride round Central Park; New York City

25. Top of the Empire State Building; New York City

26. Drink Cosmos in New York - So Sex and the City! ;)

27. Eat corn dog / chilli dog / pretzel / pizza; New York

28. Eat Smores

29. Cheesecake from The Cheesecake Factory

30. Watch a baseball game

31. Picture with the naked cowboy; New York

32. Breakfast / Lunch at iHop

33. Trek the South Kaibab Trail to 'Ooh Aah Point'; Grand Canyon

34. Have a real dirty American Burger

35. Magnolia Bakery Cupcakes; New York

*To be updated as we think of more things to do*
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So much blue

I was happily sorting my holiday clothes out into categories and outfits and then deciding which outfit is suitable for which place or activity (day off well spent!) and realised that
I own is either blue, floral, blue floral or crochet!
When did this happen?? 
Do I even look good in blue?
Probably not.

This is just a taster of my tops list: 
- Floral Blouse
- Blue crochet tank
- White crochet tank
- White crochet tee
- Blue stripe crochet tee
- Blue cami
- Floral Tee
- Floral cami

All I need now is to find a blue floral crochet top and i'm done (Y) 

So in a panic ive just ordered 5 of the same tops in colours that aren't blue! 

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58 Days, 14 Hours & 26 Mins

That is how long I have left to drive myself and everyone around me insane with my lists, test-packs, research, check-lists, pack-lists and more research etc!
I've already completed my first test-pack and should be due for another soon to keep my anxiety at bay!

Time has flown so much since booking! Its mad that its less than 2 months until we fly!
But its all booked and paid for now (Yaaaaaay) and just saving for all the dollar to spend on those typical (& not so typical) tacky tourist souvs that I love so much!

I was telling Emily about 'fun' must-have souvs from New Orleans in Voodoo shops including a racoon's penis bone; can imagine they sell out pretty fast!

Im the kind of person who will buy a souvenir and keep it for ever; I have a bag of pasta I bought from Italy last summer just because it has the Italian flag on each piece, and an Eiffel Tower lolly (yes you guessed it, from the Eiffel Tower!) that has basically melted in its packet but it still sits pride of place on the 'Europe souvenir shelf' in my room! 
My main thing is postcards though - I LOVE a good postcard! I think I bought over 100 postcards on my Europe interrail trip so i've set the bar high but I'm pretty confident I can beat it ;)

Also if you ever happen to go on holiday ... throw a cheeky postcard my way yeah ;) 

I am scared that i'm going to need to buy extra luggage for the way home to fit all my souvenirs in; I mean where else am I going to fit my cowboy hat & boots?!

So since booking myself & Emily have been very organised and got our shit together!
 We've made fool-proof itinerary's for both San Francisco & New York for our extra days before and after the trip ends AND booked our Alcatraz & Statue of Liberty Crown tours :)
And made lists (love lists if you hadn't noticed) of all fun sights and activities that we want to see and do in each place on our journey!
Obviously we're going to be tight for time in some places so it might be hard to do everything so I'm going to make a bucket list of realistic things we have to try and do in each place!

Now with 58 days to go I need to seriously get my fitness on because there is no way I'm going to be able to go to USA and not indulge in burgers and pizza and fries and gumbo (what even is Gumbo please?) and Tex-Mex and sourdough bread and Las Vegas buffets and not pile on the pounds. 

*You know when you go on a website so much it becomes a favourite on your internet homepage ... yeah well every time I type in 'T' in my search engine it automatically takes me to (Y)
 I only went on it a few times (lies) because I couldn't decide which cheesecake i'd get!!
But I've found at least 3 Cheesecake Factories on our journey so i'm going to have to narrow down the choices which won't be easy :(

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