Peg-Plotting & German Wenches

In 6 weeks time I will be sitting aboard the Delta DL0235 plane next to Emily (hopefully ... unless customs have taken for her smuggling too many pegs*) ready for our 11:15am take off! 

*Yes, 'Power of the Peg' is coming to USA! 
Played it on a few family holidays back in the day, at a couple of house parties and we took it to Ibiza a few years ago when me Emily and Bex went away after graduating. 
Basically just clip a clothes peg (or multiple if you're cray) somewhere on a person and wait to see how long they go before noticing - hours of fun!
Who needs ipads & xboxes ... pack of pegs please! 
I think the funniest was when me and Bex pegged Emily going through security on the way home from Ibiza.
 I think we envisioned her being tackled to the floor by Spanish security and taken into questioning at what was hidden inside these mystery pegs! 
Sadly didn't happen, but was funny all the same. 
Maybe US security are a little more strict when it comes to pegs ;) 

So with 6 weeks to go my fitness routine is going quite well, well I'm assuming so because I currently can't move my arms or legs. However with a Eurovision party on the horizon with loads of tasty European dishes (and Aussie shrimp on the barbie**) I may have a naughty weekend! 
Me and Bex are representing Germany and are dressing up as German Wenches (Y)
- one of my favourite pastimes tbh. 

**Quick side note rant: now I know I did a Geography degree but do not claim to be a genius in the subject but i'm preeeeeeeeeety sure Australia is not in Europe, nor anywhere near Europe! Now I may be wrong, and they may have suddenly joined Europe from afar but i'm 99.9% certain that they aren't! So WHY ARE THEY IN THE EUROVISION PLEASE??!! 

So after that massive tangent I can't actually remember what I was going to write about. 

Maybe something about only having 6 weeks left to make lists (more??!) and repack (again??!) and think of more things to add to our really 'short' bucket list?
Wish I hadn't broken the laminator in work or I'd so be making us laminated copies!!
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