A sign from above

Today myself and Emily faced what seemed like a dilemma and a troubling start to our trip, 
but alas it is was just sign from above that we are destined to start our trip in style ...
With extra legroom, comfy seats, free snacks
But most importantly 
14 hours worth of complimentary alcohol 
... I wonder if its possible to drink a plane dry? ;)

I can picture it now, the Bridesmaids plane scenes come to life

Too funny! 
So how did this happen?

We have always thought (and no thanks to Deltas dodgy wording .... thanks a lot guys!
that we couldn't check-in or select seats or luggage until 24 hours before our flight
We were wrong 
Stupid Delta 
You can in fact already select seats, which is apparently what everyone on our flight has already done
leaving us with no seats next to each other to choose from.
Thanks for the memo Delta!
We had the option of choosing seats close by,
but lets be honest
two 7 hour flights sitting with strangers away from each other at the beginning of our hard-earned adventure doesn't sound like the fun start we had planned

So we had no choice, and embracing the YOLO spirit we forked out for upgraded seats
so that we can sit next to each other on both flights :) 
This way we can sit back (literally, these upgraded seats go waaaaaaay back),
relax with a 'few' bevs and 'superior snacks' and start our vay-cay together!


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