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I've decided I'm going to do a '#TBT' series every other Thursday to throw back to some of the places i've been lucky enough to visit. 
I will highlight places to visit, things to eat, where (& where not) to stay etc and my overall opinion on my experience there. 
I will kick things off with my TBT to Paris 
 Ooo la la 

Things to see:
Eiffel Tower
- is the €17 lift to the top worth it? Absolutely. For someone who is petrified of heights I really enjoyed the experience and the views are outstanding. I would not advise walking down the stairs though from either the first or second floor if you don't like heights, it may cause a panic attack! The Eiffel tower is open from 9:30am to 11:45pm all year round. I would advise travelling by Metro to line no. 9 Trocadero where you can walk through the Palais de Chaillot & the Jardins du Trocadero where you get beautiful shots of the Eiffel Tower. Cross the Seine and there she is, take endless photos, climb the stairs up, take the lift, do as you please. Afterwards stroll through the Champ de Mars and look back in awe. I would 100% suggest returning to visiting at night to witness the tower light up on the hour, it really is something spectacular!  

Arc de Triomphe
- you can find the monumental arch at one end of Paris's most famous avenue, the Champs Elysees which is lined with all the designer shops you wish you could afford to shop in. You can admire the view from ground level or if you are feeling fit climbing the 40 steps up to the top for panoramic views of Paris. The cost is €8. Do NOT attempt to cross the road to get to the Arc de Triomphe, there are underground tunnels! It is open from 10am - 10:30pm. If you want to go to the top be warned that on rainy & cloudy days the views aren't amazing and the Eiffel Tower is barely visible but for €8 you may as well go have a look! 

The Louvre
- home of the Mona Lisa, The Louvre is one of the world's largest & most visited museums. Do NOT attempt to visit on a Tuesday like we did, because it'll be closed FYI. The museum opens at 9am if you're 18-25 from the EU then its FREE! Yaaaay. The closest Metro to the Louvre is the line 1 Palais-Royal-Musee du Louvre Station. I would urge you to visit the Louvre, not just outside and get your classic touching the top of the pyramid picture (we've all done it, no shame)  but venture inside and look at the all different exhibitions, or run through, find the Mona Lisa, take a selfie and go? Since you're in this neck of the woods it'd be rude not to walk down through the Jardins des Tuileries which leads to the Palace de la Concorde & Fontaine des Fleuves which are so pretty. Opposite you will find yourselves on the Champs Elysees and get a view of the Arc de Triomphe in the distance. 

Notre Dame
- "Morning in Paris, the city awakes, to the bells of Notre Dame" everyone loves The Hunchback of Notre Dame so why not visit!? It really is a beautiful cathedral and is located on an island on the Seine.  Its open every day of the year from 8am to 6:45pm and is free to enter. 

The Seine
- one of my favourite activities in Paris was a river boat cruise down the Seine. We went at dusk and seeing the city light up was beautiful. I would recommend using Bateux Parisians and doing the 1 hour cruise from the Eiffel Tower at pier no. 3. The cruises operate from 10am to 9:30pm every 30 minutes (every hour Oct-March) and costs €14. You pass so many beautiful buildings such as le Musee D'Orsay, Notre Dame, Le Louvre and Le Grand Palais. If you go in the evening you can return to the Eiffel Tower in time to see the light show which is just incredible. You can see the boat cruise route here

Sacre Coeur
- the basilica of the sacred heart of Paris, awww. The Sacre Coeur is a beautiful church and offers beautiful views of Paris. It is quite out of the way compared to some of the other main attractions but worth the visit. The closest Metro is line no. 2 Anvers. You will notice when you arrive at the base of the church that you have a fair few steps to climb. When I say fair few, I mean loads. However there is a Funicular that runs alongside the stairs if you need assistance or just CBA. I will warn that in this area there are a lot of people on the street trying to sell you items; mainly watches or bracelets - just walk away, do not let them put anything on your wrist because chances are one of their friends has already got his hand in your bag while you're being distracted. 

Things to Eat & Drink
*ok so these are a tad stereotypical but they're darn good ok*
Baguettes, every single baguette you find.  
Frogs Legs 
Pan au Chocolat 
All the wine

Where NOT to stay
So I booked this hostel & I hold my hands up and say it was a mistake and it was horrible and we nearly got mugged just walking into the hostel door. It was in a scatty area and even though it was cheap & we wanted to save money, no one needs to save that much money. 
We stayed at "Friends Hostel" @ 122 Boulevard de la chapelle and it was a dump
There were groups of men outside just waiting to pickpocket & one even had his hand in my sisters bag as we were walking into the hostel door!!! 
Its an expensive city to stay in but seriously, for an extra few pounds go somewhere nicer, for your own safety! 

Essential Souvenirs
I <3 Paris t-shirt

What are your favourite things to see & do in Paris?

Ou Revoir 
Check back to read my next #TBT ... Barcelona

♡ G

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  1. Great tips! Will definitely look into that cruise tour for my trip in Jan! Love your blog x