Netflix Binge

Lets be honest now. 
Who else has fallen prisoner to Netflix?
We've all been there, bored one evening, nothing to watch on TV, too cold to leave your warm bed to go to the gym and the bookcase is too far away so you open up your laptop and find yourself on Netflix.
Its 9pm, you decide to start a brand new series.
"I'll just watch the first episode or 2 to see if I like it"

So naive.
8 hours & 8 episodes later you're hooked.  

I fell into this dirty trap last week. 

I've seen and read people rave on about Orange is the New Black for aaaaaaaages but never really gave it a go or bothered to watch it.
I did the exact same thing with Game of Thrones.
Never bothered with it and then stumbled onto it one rainy day in August 2014, well, that was me booked up for weeks. I binge-watched the entire 3 seasons in less than 3 weeks and persuaded my best friend Bex to watch & she got hooked too. 

Binge-watching is so good & bad. 
If you watched the series when it airs you have to wait A WHOLE WEEK before the next episode. 
It drags so much, what happens next? Who dies? Probably everyone if its Game of Thrones and you just want more. 
There's no way to binge, you watch one episode and try to carry on with your life. 
It drags the series out and then you have a short wait before the next series. 
But with Netflix, you get through every single season in a matter of a week and then what?
You're left empty, itching for more but the next series is 12 months away.

So I've done this with OITNB 
I started last Thursday night .. big mistake.
5 hours later it was 1am 
I reluctantly put the laptop away, but I was wide awake .. wtf happens in the next episode?
I could see the light on my laptop blinking away, teasing me. 
Still awake.
Ok, one more episode.

Friday morning comes round, im so tired but im already under the binge-spell and its all I can think of in work, counting down the hours until I can get home and do FA with my evening other than watch OITNB,
Oh shit, my friends want to do something.
Oh, um, busy sorry, maybe tomorrow night.
Shit why did I say tomorrow, that means I have to do something then!
I may fall sick tomorrow & have to stay home ;)
I have also now convinced Bex to watch and she's also hooked, but lucky girl has a week off work so has allllll the time in the world to watc

This is what happens people. 
You fall into an obsessed relationship with Netflix. She (I feel like Netflix is a she, a bossy controlling bitch who won't let you see your friends anymore) makes you spend all your time with her, makes you put on relationship-weight once you start neglecting the gym to be with her, and for what? A short 3 week fling before she's done with you and leaves you feeling tired, fat, shit and not satisfied.

I have now finished OITNB - 3 seasons, 39 hours of TV later and I cannot wait for season 4.
Let me know what other Netflix series are worth the binge, I need something new!

♡ G
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