Top 5 Burgers in the USA

I'm a burger lover ok
So it would be rude not to have a post dedicated to all the fabulously-filthy burgers I ate on my recent trip!

Now I didn't want to have a burger in every place, I wanted to sample some more local dishes here & there but when the burger section of the menu was just screaming out to me I had to cave.
I actually only had 5 burgers on the trip, so this is me literally just ranking those.
Im pretty sure there's hundreds of more amazing burgers! 

#5 Denny's in Las Vegas; Baconslamburger. Now this was just disappointing tbh. First off, there was no bacon so that to me is a major issue already. It was 11pm in the evening in Vegas and we were pretty hungry but the only place we could see in Fremont St was a Denny's so we settled. It was edible but definitely not the best burger I've ever had. The fries were nice though.

#4 Snow Cap, Seligman Route 66; Choink. This was a great burger. Such a fun little place in Seligman. The staff are all so friendly and pulling pranks on the customers. The choink was a cheeseburger with bacon. All the burgers come with 'everything' like sauces, lettuce, various toppings but I'm never interested in any of that stuff so asked for without. Just meat, cheese & bacon & the odd lettuce leaf pls. They also do some good shakes here too! 

#3 In-N-Out, Las Vegas; Double double. Im all about the double. And this was defo an improvement from McDonalds double cheese burg. So much love for In-N-Out! Juicy, loads of cheese; it was heaven. This was pre-vegas party bus so a fantastic job of lining the stomach.

#2 Shake Shack, JFK Airport; Roadside Shack. This is a limited edition burger people so get it while you can.  And feel free to export them to the UK for me thanks! This juicy bit of goodness was a single (double also available) burg topped with caramelised onions simmered in beer and bacon. I'm actually dribbling just thinking about it again. It was so good!! I had heard alot of people rave about Shake Shack so we were in the airport about to leave the US so this was my last opportunity to try one. Thank for the Lord I did - it was amazing. The cheese fries are also pretty awesome. So much cheese! 

#1 Cowgirl BBQ, Sante Fe; Buffalo Burg. Just look at it. Ohmy. Life-changing burger. I added Monterrey cheese and bacon to this, obv, and it was sensational. The buffalo meat was so lean and just generally orgasmic. It was huge as well so amazing value for money. I was worried I wasn't going to finish, pfft, how naive of me. Of course I finished!! Quite alot of people went for different burgers from here and all raved about them! Really cool place just to drink as well. 

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