I miss you America. 
I've said it before but I will say it again; I fell in love with this country. 
It totally helps that I had an amazing tour group & guides and we went to some incredible places. Without them the trip would have been completely different.

I miss camping. I know that might be a weird one but I do. The whole 'community' vibe of our camp. Who would get the best spot for their tent, who could put up their tent the quickest, group effort doing the cooking & dishes, bonding around the campfire, playing music, singing, trips to the river. In hotels you don't get that, everyone is in different rooms and during free time people went off and did their own thing. At least at the camp grounds if people went off for a swim they'd be back at dinner and everyone could play games and share a few beers. I guess I'm just needy and liked when the group was together ha.

I miss the views. Some of the views are ones that I am never going to forget. Whether it be the changing landscape from state to state just looking out the bus window, or the beautiful national parks during hikes, or the impressive city skylines. The diversity of the views is what made it so special.  

I miss Walmart. Why is there no Walmart in Colwyn Bay please? I miss walking in and seeing the weird and wonderful people who shop there. I miss that everything comes in either sizes massive or extra-massive and that its all super cheap. 

I miss Chips Ahoy. Ohmygod. I am not coping without these. I found 2 flavours since being home. Both the hard cookies - I only like the soft ones. The birthday frosting flavour was to die for and the brownie & the fudge. Oh god. Emily looked into importing them into the UK. £60 for 2 packets??!! 

I miss their business hours: Another weird one but bare with me. If I was out for the day and come 11pm wanted a sit down meal, I'd be lucky to find a restaurant still open, never mind still serving food. In San Francisco we stumbled across the godsend that is Cheesecake Factory that closes at 12:30am. So a sitdown meal of spaghetti meatballs at 11:30 it was. I appreciated that very much!  

I miss feeling 100% happy. Work is a bitch and everyone goes through the depressing stages of hating work. That's me like everyday. I found like 2 grey hairs earlier this year because I let work get to me and stress me out so much. This trip was literally therapy. I can't remember the last time I felt so happy and content with nothing stressing me out. Its amazing how therapeutic travelling can be. To some it might be a nightmare but on a pre-organised trip it was smooth sailing and meant we could relax and take everything in and let our guides do all the amazing hard work they did! 

I miss my new friends. We were so lucky. We had such an amazing group of people from all over the world. Everyone was so friendly and funny. We had a group of 14 plus 2 fantastic guides who we just saw as part of the group and everyone got on so well. It wouldn't be a trip without a few heated discussions but that's expected when you are thrown in with strangers and living and sharing a bus with them for 3 weeks, but it was nothing that couldn't be resolved and we all departed happy families. I miss the private jokes we had and all the great bus singalongs, some of the activities we did and memories we'll share together. I hope I can see all of these people again and will no doubt get needy soon and request a visit to somewhere. 
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