The Birth of Lady Jane

Day 19; Memphis & Nashville; 21st July

Zero sleep
Extremely tired
Unbearably hot
Its safe to say I wasn't a fan of Memphis!

Somehow managed to wake up without any new mosquito bites so I guess thats something. 
The majority of the group were going across the road to do a tour of Graceland (Elvis' home) but a few of us had no interest so wanted to get a taxi in the centre of Memphis to have a wonder round.
Me, Ellie, Em & Maho all set off.
Everything was closed.
Great start. 
It was 9am and already boiling.
So we walked around aimlessly in search of anything that was open.
No luck.
We took a walk down to the river and were tempted to cross the bridge and into Arkansas to tick off another state off the list. 
"What did you guys get up to today?"
"Oh ya know, we popped over to Arkansas"
We didn't though. Didn't want to make everyone too jealous. 
We strolled back into town and by now the Rock & Soul museum had just opened to we paid our $12 and took a tour. 
The first part was to watch a short film, in the dark.
I barely stayed awake! 
The museum itself was ok, enjoyed it more than Sun Studios, but again its not really my thing so its not something I'm going to rave about. 

Taxi back to the campsite and our taxi driver claimed to have a PhD in BBQ. 
He talked on and on and on about BBQ ribs and my mouth was literally watering by time we got to camp! 
We were a bit early to meet everyone so we walked to the gates of Graceland for a few pictures and met up with the rest of the group before departing towards Nashville. 

Our campsite was called Jellystone Park and was Yogi Bear theme. 
Set up camp and then headed to the pool to cool off. 
We didn't have much free time as we were headed out for dinner tonight on the main strip in Nashville. 
It was at Jack's Bar-B-Que and it was amazing!
I had the pork shoulder, ribs, mac & cheese & potato salad.

After dinner people headed off to do their own thing and explore the shops and bars; but I was on a mission: I wanted needed a cowboy hat. 
The ultimate souv! 
Colin & Matt were also on a mission: to find their dream cowboy boots. 

I thought shopping with girls was bad, but shopping with boys is worse!
We found a cowboy boot shop, and it felt like we were in there for hours!!!!!
They just couldn't decide which ones, what colour, which size. 
Me, Em & Maho got bored so wondered off to find me a hat. 
Found one.
I tried it on and the man working on the door said to me
"Don't waste your money, you've got too much hair for a hat and you'll lose it"
Excuse me?
I am quite aware I have frizzy Hagrid hair right now mate but you should be encouraging people to buy your hats!
I ignored his comment and purchased the hat. 
As soon as I stepped out, I put her on my head and I become a new person.
Lady Jane is what they called me.
Lady Jane is everything you'd want from a cowgirl;
she was bold, confident, adventurous and cheeky southern belle.

We went back to the boot shop hoping they'd bought some but still nothing! 
Eventually they picked some so Colin, Matt & Kayla all bought their boots and we were off to Riplys to meet up with the others and show off our purchases. 
A few cocktails later and we were having a blast listening to the live bands playing all the country music you could wish for. 

Emily & Lady Jane ;)
Adrian had big plans for us; to try moonshine. 
What is moonshine you ask?
Good question - wtf is this disgusting drink we all tried?
According to wiki: 'moonshine is a high-proof distilled spirit that are generally produced illicitly'
I had the sweet tea flavour and it was rank. 

Headed off to find the bus, we were a little early so we found a bar, and a boy named PJ so we renamed him Peanut Butter Jelly. 
Emily was straight onto the dance floor having a hoedown throw down with some stranger.
Loving her life she was. 
Lady Jane stepped up and had a go too and it was great fun! 

Emily, Lady Jane & Colin
The moonshine shot!
Photo Credit: Colin Wiseman
Photo Credit: Maho Hayashi
Cheeeeers! *Note, no one is holding eye contact! Shocking*
Photo Credit: Maho or Colin - can't remember sorry ha!
Emily's Hoedown #hoe
On the bus & back to camp it was time for bed. 
I think, there's 3 lines of writing in my journal saying what we did next but I can't read what they say so I'm assuming I wrote them whilst drunk that evening. 
Probably saying I'd not worn underwear again or something?
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