Route 66 & The Emosh Grand Canyon Reveal

Day 8; Route 66 & The Grand Canyon; 10th July

Adrian & Kayla had left a note under our doors to be ready to leave at 10am 
Manic-panic pack it was then! 

Met up with the group outside the hotel to exchange Vegas stories.
Everyone sounded like they had an amazing time!
Matt & Alan spent the day walking the whole strip and went into every (or nearly every) casino and got a $1 chip each from each place. Such a cool idea! 
Some of the others went to see shows and just generally explore the craziness of Vegas!

Photo Credit: Alan Ly - Alan & Matts poker chip collection
Ellie & Nicola experienced their first (& not last!!) bites, in a hotel of all places!
 Turns out there were some critters in their beds that night that had a good tuck into their legs. 
This was just the beginning of all the bites.

Back on the road and we went past Lake Mead & area where Hoover Dam is
Would have been cool to stop and have a look but we had more important places to be!
Into Arizona & we had our next Walmart shop
Always the best part of my day :)
This was a particularly good visit
Soft Chips Ahoy Birthday Frosting Cookies

Onto the bus & I was ripping into the packet and someone pipes up 
"Oh what've you got there?" 
Nothing :( 
I guess it would have been rude to hide my precious cookies so I reluctantly passed them round the bus, secretly hoping they wouldn't appeal to everyone. 
Turns out everyone wanted to try
Note to self: next time buy 2 packs (or hide them better) :p 

On the road again, I can't wait to get on the road again and we arrived in Seligman at the Historic Route 66 site.
It was so cool!
It looked just like the Cars movie ha!
We stopped for lunch at Delgadillo's Snow Cap
The place was so quirky and staff liked the pull pranks on the customers
I ordered the 'Choink Burger' and it was delish!

Photo Credit: Matt Hoskin

Back on the road & the next stop was THE GRAND CANYON!!!
I have been so excited to go there for so long!
You might be wondering what we get up to on Griffin during the long drives;
Mostly sleep or spread out if you have the luxury of 2 seats to yourself, the odd game of cards or Mafia, reading, listening to music or playing the 2 great games Adrian introduced us to, one in particular me & Emily loved!
HORSE & Anal
1. You shout HORSE for every horse you see & first one wins those points
2. Every RV that we saw you put Anal in front of the name and shout it out.
This was our fave! Found some cracking ones on route;
Anal charger, anal discovery, anal leprechaun & anal intruder
Too funny.

So on route to the Grand Canyon we pass by loads of Elk on the road & Kayla gets out to make mystery shopping trip. Comes back armed with brown paper bags.
Our instructions:
Draw a face on a bag

Everyone got creative and passing round the felt tips; obviously I went for Harry Potter & Emily was Yoda!

Mine & Ems paper bag faces
Everyone was wondering if this was just to pass the time, I had an inkling it was to do with showing us the Grand Canyon but didn't want to tell to many people incase it ruined the surprise.
But I was right :) Obv ;)

But before we get to that we had to set up camp, and because we wanted to see the sunset over the Canyon we had a race our hands.
Sadly we didn't win, think it was Jana & Marcel but we all got them up pretty speedy and were soon back on the bus off to the rim.
Parked up and we were instructed to put our masterpiece bags on our heads, form 2 lines and walk.
We walked on, no idea which direction we were heading or what our view was going to be like when we took off the bags.
Finally we were told to stop and Jana (she had already been to the Grand Canyon so didn't need a bag) helped us into position ready for the big reveal.
Bags off and Oh My God
I have never seen anything like it in my life
I actually got quite emotional and was so glad to be wearing my sunglasses.
It was breathtaking!
All the colours and the way the fading light was lighting up the canyon was incredible.
We got to walk around and just take it all in and I'm so glad I filmed the whole walk & reveal.
Our expressions just say it all

Photo Credit: Sarah Jackson

Walking to the rim for our first look at the Grand Canyon!
Face says it all!

We'd not had dinner so obviously we got a takeaway, to the Grand Canyon.
Pizza anyone?

It was so surreal being at the rim, eating take away pizza, watching the sunset
& if that wasn't enough when we returned to camp we had our first ever taste of S'mores!
It was obvious from then that Maho was hooked.
Whilst everyone was tucking into their first smore, a few of us noticed Maho sneaking to the smore supplies and eating more and more.
From then on every night it was
"Are we making smores?Yeeeeeeeeey"
Oh Maho :)

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