Death Day

Day 15; San Antonio & Travel to Bolivar Peninsular; 17th July
View from the ferry 
I'm not even being dramatic; I actually died today. 
It was a category 9

It didn't take long of waking up that I was being sick in the bathroom. 
Hoping to get it out of my system before our long drive to Houston, I spooned the toilet for as long as I could.  

Now i'm no stranger to a bad hangover, and certainly no stranger to being sick on hangover days. 
But this was a bad one. 
Getting on the bus, I had 3 plastic bags inside each other as my bowl.
The drive began, and so did the sick.
Our first stop before the long drive to Houston was at the Alamo in San Antonio. I didn't actually know what the Alamo was and still don't. Someone was still being sick in the bus so had to stay behind.
Emily was a good girl though & got me a postcard & souvs. She really took care of me that day.

She was telling me that some of the others in the group were asking if I'd eaten something bad the day before to make me this sick because surely it couldn't have been from the drink.
It was 100% the drink. Hangovers don't come easy for me.

I do feel bad because it was one of the longest driving days and the last thing people want is to be stuck on a hot sweaty bus with someone spewing all day.
Emily coped like a champ. Even rubbing my sweaty back whilst I was being sick.
Literally the hottest day & I sweated more than the Atlantic Ocean that day!
She's a good'n.

Now with all the sick and the crap Walmart bags, they kept leaking. So Emily (being the good egg she is) kept trying to find me replacement bags. I had about 7 plastic bags at one point. Did they last?

Now you'd think, if a bag of sick was leaking into your shorts and soaked them through you'd notice right?! Not me apparently.
Took until my shorts were dripping with sick (disgusting I know, I'm sorry) and there was a puddle in between my legs that I clicked something wasn't right.
Surely I'd not sweat that much??!

Lunch stop, and everyone was outside eating their food and enjoyed a stroll to a nearby river. Meanwhile I'm still spewing and had to change my clothes.
Attempted a small pretzel.
Threw it up.
So that's a no to lunch then.

We had to do another Walmart shop and it was too hot for me to stay on the bus so I had to drag myself into the shop and attempt to walk round without being sick.
Obviously in preparation I brought my already filled Walmart bag of sick in for just in case purposes so carried that round Walmart. Mess.
Once the shop was done everyone's shopping was getting checked on the way out and asked to show receipts and open up their Walmart bags.
Hmm, so im here with a Walmart bag. Pretty sure I don't have a receipt for my bag of sick though. & 100% certain she won't appreciate opening that up.
So I reluctantly had to throw away my sick bag :(

Back on the bus & sat with the scorching sun blazing through the windows.
We had to get a ferry across from Galveston to the Bolivar peninsular and the queue took forever to get on.
Emily asked where we were going
Apparently I didn't know where we were.

Once aboard the ferry we were allowed on deck.
The views crossing the water were gorgeous!
We even saw dolphins which was so cool!
There was a big family on the lower deck right on by the edge watching the water. A couple of little splashes came over and you'd think they'd move. They didn't. But im glad they didn't tbh because it provided us with great entertainment.
A massive wave came over the front of the ferry and soaked them.
& we're all on the deck above watching laughing at them.

Crystal Beach on the Gulf of Mexico

Across the water and into 'Bolivia' and were were a short drive from our camp site.
It was so so hot so most chose not to put the cover on tents; which ultimately meant they were all see-through. We're all good friends here!
Me, Maho, Sarah, Joe, Jana, Marcel, Michaela, Nicola & Adrian got back in the bus and drove down to the beach for a swim in the sea.
It was so nice!
Swimming in the Gulf of Mexico so it was lovely & warm.
We stayed until the sun started to set before heading back to camp for dinner.
Living the american dream!

They were really nice & really messy.
I was a bit apprehensive about having a bun full of slop as my first meal of the day to try and attempt to settle my stomach but it did the job. No more sick surprisingly.

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