Keep Calm And ...

Carry On? 
I am anything but calm

2 weeks to go people and I am overwhelmed with emotions!
I am excited because I finally get to go on the trip me & Emily have been planning since November
I am bored out of my brains because I still have another 10 days left of work
I am worried because I have a haircut tomorrow and what if it turns out shit and I'm left with shit-holiday-hair
& I am super anxious

Have I got everything I need? 
Do I have too much? 
Should I pack again (like for the 20th time?)
Do I really need that many blue clothes? 
Why haven't I found the perfect fabulous holiday hat yet?
Will our new travel friends like us?
Will we like them?
Have I made enough lists?
Too many lists?
Do I really need that many packs of Imodium? (like srsly, its the US not India)

I am trying to stay calm, and embrace the yolo-ness and spontaneity but thats not really something that comes naturally to me - I like to be in control and know whats happening next. I even had to make a calming playlist on iTunes to listen to, so much Of Monsters & Men (Y)
Im just grateful that I have Emily to share these worries & excitements with!
It was all fun & games travelling with my sister last year round Europe (well apart from in Berlin, we fell out and didn't speak a word to each other for like 2 days ... which FYI I was totally in the right!) but I think with a best friend its going to be a whole different experience & a bloody good one at that!

We can bond over free bubbly on the plane and point & laugh at the peasants in uncomfortable seats behind whilst we sit back and watch Annie (the 2014 version obv!) over and over and over to fill the 14 hours until we land in San Francisco :) 


I'm really looking forward to SF (read somewhere to never refer to it as San Fran) and our cycling adventure day over the bridge, just hope Karl The Fog (yes the famous fog of San Fran SF has a name ... and a twitter account more importantly!) doesn't cover the bridge too much, I'd actually like to see it ya know! 

I genuinely can't believe how quickly its come round though since booking in November
Like 8 months!? 
I could have nearly had a child in that time
Imagine, out it pops and then 'see ya, off to USA' 
Because lets face it 
USA > Child 
(Nailed the maternal instincts there I think)
Obviously that'd be cruel, so its a good job I haven't had a child isn't it
You can all cancel those calls to social services you were about to make!

Goals for the next 2 weeks:
Calm the F down (pop some Kalms pills or somethin')
Don't have shit hair 
Invent a time machine so work can be over already 
Breathe, regularly 
No more lists
Make a smashing USA playlist! (most important goal I think)
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