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Mt Wellington / Kunayi, is the highest point in Hobart and was top of my list of things to see whilst I was visiting. 
Reaching 1271m above sea level, a visit to the summit provides fantastic panoramic views overlooking Hobart and to the Tasman Peninsular in the distance. It can be enjoyed all year round, just make sure to check if the access road is open if planning to travel in Winter as can often be closed due to ice. 
The drive up to the summit is just as enjoyable - as you climb up higher and higher you are treated to the best views (if the weather is on your side!). Make sure you wrap up warm - it can reach below 0 at the summit. It was evening snowing while I was at the top which was extra special, however I did pretty much freeze my tits off. 

Because I can't drive, my best option was to either catch a local Metro Bus combined with a hike, OR jump on some sort of tour going to the summit. Now there's loads of tour groups which offer trips that combine a visit to Mt Wellington with other local attractions, but if you're just after a trip to the Summit I'd recommend using Hobart Shuttle Bus Company

For $30 (return) or $20 (one way) you are transported from Hobart Information Centre to Summit of Mt Wellington, where you can spend up to an hour exploring the different view points before embarking on the drive back down. If you opt for a one way ticket, you are free to spend as much time as you like at the summit and then make your own way back to Hobart by hiking to Fern Tree and then catching a local bus.  

They operate 3 times a day: 10:30, 1:30 or 3:30 and takes around 2 hours total. I had originally booked a one-way ticket as I really wanted to explore the summit at my own pace and enjoy a hike down the mountain. I had read the hike takes roughly 2-2.5 hours to Fern Tree, where you can then catch the local bus back to Hobart. 
After boarding the shuttle bus to Mt Wellington, I was the only one doing this option. The driver Greg said I was more than welcome to hike, but if I changed my mind at the summit I could pay the additional $10 and he could bring me back. Once we reached the summit and stepped out of the bus I had already made my mind up to drive back down - it was freezing cold & snowing and the path for the hike was covered in slushy snow and ice which would make the walk even slower. I visited in August and would begin to get dark around 5pm, I felt it would be safer for everyone involved (mainly me) to not hike, because knowing my luck I'd walk the wrong way, fall, get eaten by a tassie-devil or kidnapped by a heard of wombats. 

If you're driving yourself, its easy-peesey! Follow the A6 out of Hobart and head towards Fern Tree on Huon Road. Once at Fern Tree, take a right onto Pinnacle Road, following the signs to Mount Wellington. The summit is roughly 14km from Fern Tree. Parking is available at the summit where you can get out and explore. 

I'd love to go back in summer and head up earlier in the day so I can attempt the hike back down. One of the most prominent features are The Organs, which I wasn't able to see from the summit - they can be reached via the return track to Fern Tree. 

If you plan to spent the entire day on and around Mt Wellington you can indulge in a range of outdoor activties; hiking, bush walking, rock climbing, biking, waterfalls, 4WD and horse riding.

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