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As The Biebs once said in his smash hit tune ... "Never say neverrrrrr"
I've never (oops, said it) been great with heights & the idea of willingly jumping off a ledge and free falling towards my death honestly never  (oops said it again) appealed to me. I had always written-off doing a bungy jump & was happy with the fact it would be one less thing for me to get injured doing. 

Since coming to Australia I have tried to tackle some fears and do some more YOLO things that I perhaps would have usually said no to. Mainly abseiling, cliff jumping, ocean activties etc. I had still written off a bungy though - I'm open to a skydive, still not done one, but would like to. 

My parents were off to New Zealand in June and as I hadn't seen them in over a year decided I would take a few days off work and head on over to Auckland to visit them for 5 days while they were over for the British & Irish Lions Tour. I only had a short amount of free time so wanted to make sure I had some fun activties booked and planned. One evening, maybe a couple weeks before I was due to leave, I may have had a couple of glasses of wine before bed and thought it would be a great idea to book myself onto a bungy jump for the morning I landed into Auckland. 
It never actually sunk in what I had stupidly done until I was on my flight to Auckland. I was taking a night flight which landed in around 5/6am - I was on the bungy at 9am! I literally had no time to back out. 

I had drunkly booked the bungy through AJ Hackett Bungy New Zealand for their Auckland Harbour Bridge Jump. You can visit their site here. You have the option to make your own way to their "base" or they can pick you up from the Maritime Museum in the Viaduct.

The whole team are super friendly and make you feel so safe in all the gear. Even though I was allowed to, I chose not to take my GoPro on while I jumped, out of fear I would lose it. The guys there take so many photos & video the whole thing which you can look over back at the base before deciding if you want to buy any. 

The jump is from 40m above the water and is New Zealand's only ocean touch jump. The scariest bit for me actually wasn't the jump, it was the walk along the bridge - it was a metal grate floor and could see the water splashing around below. Once inside the pod we were called out in order of who was jumping. I was first up. I begged not to be but because you know, I was the fattest I had to haha! 

Lots and lots of safety checks it was time to go. Your ankles get strapped together so you have to hop out of the pod along a platform to the edge. It was very scary & I hated my drunk self for booking it. I had a few photos opportunities before I was being told to nose-drive at will towards the water. I genuinely thought I was going to have to be pushed but I was a brave girl and just went for it. 

It was the craziest feeling free falling and I absolutely loved it! Nothing can compare to that feeling & I can see why people do it - the adrenaline literally could have fuelled me to a run a marathon afterwards! I had a blast, bouncing and swinging around under the bridge and i'm not gonna lie, getting the absolute best photos! My sister Laura said she wants to turn this one into a meme!

I then got to watch everyone else do their jumps & see their faces as they got pulled up to the pod absolutely loving life. You get a free T-shirt & certificate with the cost of your jump which is great news - everyone loves a souvenir. 
You can then choose if you wan to buy any of the pictures of videos - I bought them all for the lols to prove I actually did it. 
Below is the video the guys at AJ Hackett made for my jump: 

G Goes Global - New Zealand #1 Auckland Harbour Bridge Bungy Jump from G Goes Global on Vimeo.

If you're heading to Auckland and looking for something super fun to do - please do this! For someone who is scared of heights, I had the best time and loved the jump and would love to try the other ones they have down in Queenstown on my next time over in New Zealand. 

Thanks for reading & happy travels 

♡ G

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