Ready Set Bake

I will proudly hold my hands up and say that Great British Bake Off has well and truly become an important part of my weekly routine. 
8pm on Wednesdays will never be the same again.
So to celebrate the end of a fantastic season with the final tonight I've dedicated a whole post to show my love for Bake Off & its people & some of my favourite Bake Off moments. 

What a season eh! 
Full of innuendos, laaaairs, Mez Bez winks, Hollywood's piercing blue eyes & the occasional soggy bottom ;) 
Oh and of course the amazing (and not so amazing) cakes, tarts, pastries & peetas that we've seen!
I've got into a bit of a naughty routine with Carol, and it seems that most weeks we'd find ourselves going out to buy some sort of cake to eat during Bake Off. 
Last week I'd bought us some cream slices 
But then we realised it was chocolate week, so obviously we had to eat the cream slices a day early and go out and buy a massive chocolate cake for Wednesday 

I will miss Bake Off :( 
But what will I miss the most you ask?
Well thats simple, 2 things:
1. the love & inspiration of my life; the one & only MB, MezBez, Mezza B, Mary Berry, Queen of Laaaairs. 

I love her. 
& I love that she wears jeans & she's a diva & full of sass & loves to throw a wink around.
I feel me & Mezza would have a great time if we went out on the town. 
We'd get right 'laaaaaaairy' ;) 
& she loves her booze does our Mez, notice how she always perks up whenever someone was adding a bit of alcohol to their bakes. 
One of my favourite things to do during & after Bake Off is to check on the tweets by the hilarious @MaryBerryNOT
Genuinely crying at the most of the time.

2. Tamal. He has got every girl wanting him right now. He's the ideal boyf; he cooks, he's a doctor, he's sweet and kind and lovely and he's the perfect boy to bring him to introduce to the parents.
I need him.

Favourite Moments

Flora over-complicating every bake
Literally every bake! & She got told, every week that she was spending too much time on her decorations or intricate designs and not the actual bake but did she listen? No. Last week she did it again in every challenge and it cost her :( Shame because I really hate Ian and wanted him to leave.
Last week @MaryBerryNOT was on point with her tweets about Flora:

"We want a centrepiece"
Flora: I'll make an entire chocolate table with a centrepiece made of pegasus feathers and unicorn farts

"We want a chocolate tart"
Flora: I'll make a 7 layer tart thats served on a layer of unicorn tears with functioning fireworks

Paul's sunbathing lady
TV gold. Watching Paul put together a sunbathing-icing lady was genius.
He pissed himself the entire time, as did Mel & Sue. It was a great shame when they came to eat her in the end, poor girl. Just look at that bod.

Matt's luminous green dough
Making that fruit cake looked hard enough without all the tennis court details, and Matt wasn't having the best week! Everyone is making the dough for the court and turns out this thick grass-green, meanwhile Matt's sloppy bright toxic green concoction was hilarious. He even tried to scrape it off at the end to cover his mistake, but nothing gets past those bright blue eyes of Paul Hollywood.
It also made me laugh that he baked the icing for the tennis net in the oven instead of set in the fridge like everyone else.
Oh Matt.

Nadiya's facial expressions
Nadiya is one of my favourites so I was very glad that she made it to the final. The main thing I like about her is her facial expressions. She goes through so many each week and we witness her roller coaster of emotions; her turmoil when she's last in technicals, her joy and tears when she's star baker or her anger when she pastry went wrong.

Marie not turning her oven on
In one of the earlier episodes, this moment really made me realise what comedy gold Bake Off is. The sheer terror on Marie's face when she realises she hasn't turned on the oven is classic.
I liked Marie, her whips hair that fanned out when the oven opened was always a joy to behold, for those 2 or 3 episodes before she went.

Paul's 'King of Bread' Lion
This was amazing! Even Hollywood said he'd never had attempted anything like that. Paul even got himself a handshake AND special mention at the end of the show! Woooo go Paul.
I'd refuse to hand it in because they'd have to rip it apart to taste; what a waste of like 5 hours!!

Catch the final of Great British Bake Off on BBC1 tonight at 8pm!
I'll be happy if Tamal or Nadiya win, NOT IAN!!
Goodbye GBBO, until next year!

♡ G

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