Sure am folks.
Another year, another adventure. 
So stick another shrimp on the barbie Sheila because I'm coming down undaaa!

2016 will see me leave the nest & head down under for 12 months to 'find myself' in the outback. 
Yes, Australia.
I am beyond excited / quite scared.
First solo adventure & I had to pick the other side of the earth didn't I! 
Visa has been accepted, they are positive I am not a threat to their country; just their Quokka population when I try and steal them to start my own army ;) 
& I am ready to go, kind of
Just a few minor things to sort out, like flights, insurance, where I'm actually starting, etc etc. 
Nothing too major.
Now to research the shit out of Oz & plan plan plan!!!

I am going across to work & play my way around the massive country & try to see and do as much as possible in my time there. 
Obviously I have a bucket list sorted (coming soon to a blog near you ;) ) & aim to complete it all!

I feel like right now is the perfect time for me to bugger off for a year & avoid being an adult; i'm young(ish), single, no kids (human-kids that is, I have a kitten), no real responsibilities, my job is killing me and oh yeah, I just want to go. SO WHY THE F NOT!

I don't want to look back and see that I spent my twenties stuck in work not doing anything & spending all my money on over-priced drinks in 147 (shittest & only 'club' in Llandudno); I want to be able to share stories from when I travelled round Europe, across the US & Australia & beyond. 
Whats the point in working if you don't spend it on things you love doing?
Realistically the amount i've spent on my last two trips & this trip could have gone towards a mortgage on a house ... no thanks. That means I'm tied down to one place then & can't run off and play in the wild. 

Im excited to meet new people, see some incredible landscapes, try new food, get a tan & stop being an albino, take selfies with kangaroos, koalas, crocs & quokkas, go completely out of my comfort zone & just have the most fun as possible. 

"We travel not to escape life, but for life not to escape us" 


♡ G
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