In June (2014) I experienced my first real bit of 'travelling' with my sister Laura. 
We spent 25 days going round Europe by train and it was so much fun! 
(Please note we did get off the trains - that wouldn't have been very fun at all otherwise!) 
Endless selfie-stick pictures later (yes I own a selfie-stick .. the bigger question is why don't you?) and we were home and back in work hating life. 

Now im suffering from #posteuropeblues (if you also suffer from this illness seek medical attention immediately!) and in serious need of something to look forward to and channel my OCD on. 
*For those who don't know me I have a constant desire to be planning or organising something. 
Without this I have no purpose. 

It is now November and after suffering for months and months I have now decided on my next adventure ... 


This time with one of my best friends; Emily :)
Together we are Gemily ... i'm thinking we get tshirts? 

I am scared that my OCD with drive Emily insane / she'll hate me / never want to go away with me again ... I just can't help it - I LOVE TO PLAN THINGS! 
My sister had no choice, if I didn't plan the trip it wouldn't happen because a. she doesn't know where anything is (thought Everest was in the UK) and b. even if she tried I wouldn't let her. 

So anyway USA! The trip we've decided on is the G Adventures 'Coast to Coast Road Trip Eastbound' and we're booking with STA Travel in a couple of weeks! 
The trip runs from San Francisco to New York over 24 days. 

I found out recently that Emily has already visited New York a few times so it'll just be me running round in my I <3 NY tshirt and Statue of Liberty foam hat pointing at yellow cabs like an excited tourist (sorry Emily). 

Im very excited to start planning (might let Emily have some input, might not) and no doubt i'll have my bag packed by next week ... ya'know a good 8 months in advance (Y)

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