Hello. Im Gemma (or G if you fancy) and this is my first attempt at a 'blog'. 
I put blog in inverted commas because there's a slim chance i'll actually use it, or i'll get bored after 1 post or i'll spend hours picking which font to use and I won't actually post anything. 

Im 23, a Physical Geography graduate - yes I can colour in extraordinarily well, am a human GPS, know every capital, country, flag, river, mountain, population in the world ... or so im told that what my degree was for ;) ... Oh and im partial to the occasional sarcastic comment. 

I currently live in the 'glorious' town of Colwyn Bay in North Wales after the best 3 years in Swansea Uni. But now i'm bored and wish I was anywhere and everywhere else .. apart from Rhyl, no one wants to be there.

The reason behind this blog? Honestly its to kill the last 30 minutes of work. But ideally I'd like to start blogging about my upcoming adventure (Oooooo) and any future ones I stumble onto. 
There may also be some of my cat Albus so watch out for him :) 


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