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Fraser Island, or K'Gari is a paradise island of wild adventure off the Queensland coast. K'Gari means paradise & it is exactly that. Is the largest sand island in the world, measuring 75 miles in length, by 15 miles. 
A visit to Fraser Island is extremely popular for backpackers travelling the East Coast & one I urge you to put on your bucket list. Whether you visit on a single day trip, or camp out overnight - however long you stay you will have the best time! 

I visited in October 2016 and we opted for a day tour; we traveled with Fraser Explorer departing from Hervey Bay. You can reach Fraser by ferry from either Hervey Bay or Rainbow Beach. You can choose to either take your own 4WD car on the ferry, or book onto one of the many tours available. Tours vary from single day, to 2/3/4 day camping. I would definitely want to go again & experience more of Fraser over a few days but if you're short on time and happy with the main highlights then a single day trip will be perfect. 

Fraser Island has so many amazing spots to explore - if you're travelling on a tour you're probably guaranteed to visit the sites below. These are the ones we stopped at with Fraser Explorer and had a decent amount of time at each stop. The actual driving around Fraser is part of the fun too - 4WD over sand dunes, its hard to say in your seat! Another really cool thing about Fraser Island is its famous dingoes. They aren't as great in number as they once were, but they are some of the last remaining "pure dingoes" in Eastern Australia. 

Eli Creek
With a flow of 80 million litres per day, Eli Crek is the largest on the East Coast of the island. You can choose to either walk alongside the creek on the boardwalk & then float back down to the beginning. Or in our case we just walked against the stream and then floated, ran, jumped and splashed our way back. A popular thing to do is bring rubber rings to sit in and enjoy the river that way. 

Lake McKenzie 
Fraser Island is home to over 100 freshwater lakes and have some of the cleanest water in the world. My favourite stop on Fraser is Lake McKenzie - the sand on the beach see is nearly pure silica. It is one of the most beautiful areas I've seen & is pretty much picture perfect. Have fun sunbathing on the beach or go for a swim in the crystal clear waters. 

Maheno Shipwreck 
One of the most recognisable sites on Fraser is the S.S. Maheno;  a large rusted shipwreck on the beach. In 1935 the ship was caught in a cyclone off the coast of Queensland and became beaches on the East Coast of the island.

75 Mile Beach
Whether you're in a tour bus or 4x4 jeep , the drive along 75 mile beach is awesome. Swerve in and out along the sand as you dodge incoming waves and bounce over the small dunes. There are planes that take off from the beach so if you're after a birds-eye view make sure you book on one of the scenic flights and you may get lucky in seeing some sharks & whales. 

The Pinnacles Coloured Sands 
A stop at The Pinnacles will educate you on how the technicolour sand formations are created. Its a nice pit-stop along 75 mile beach and a chance to stretch the legs. 

Central Station 
Take a stroll through the rainforest and enjoy this former logging station. There's a really nice walk along the boardwalk at Wanggoolba Creek and learn about the ancient Pine trees and King Ferns. 

Fraser Island was definitely an East Coast highlight for me and even though was only there for a day, I had so much fun with my fiends & belly laughed the entire day. 
Check out my video below of everything we got up to! 

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