How to (probably not) pack for 12 months in Australia

I always pack too much. 
& so for this trip I spent a fair amount of time trying to find packing lists people have published online or packing guides on YouTube that I could base my list off for trips of a similar length / climate. 
My main issue with these lists are that the majority are surviving on 2 pairs of shorts, 3 tops & 5 pairs of knickers pretty much. Im all for washing on trips but I don't want to have to be doing it every single day! 
 I did get in touch with the great PyschoTraveller - she has amazing YouTube videos & blog about her world-wide adventures and she has a great packing video for Aus which you can check out here, but if you're like me & can't pack light to save your life no matter how hard you try then stick around here ;)  

So I have complied my own packing list of what i'm planning on taking to Australia for 12 months in the hope it helps someone who finds what to pack so daunting & that you can take a few extra luxury items ;)
(I leave in 3 days, I may panic and take some out, I may panic and add more but so far everything fits in perfectly with room to spare)

So this packing list is for my 12 months in Australia
I am doing a tour from Perth to Darwin for 3 weeks with Intrepid Travel (details here) which involves a lot of trekking & so i've had to pack some extra things for that which I probably wouldn't have normally packed. 

First off ... 

I am taking my North Face Base Camp Duffel Bag as my main luggage
Size M / 69L (35.5 cm x 64.5 cm x 35.5 cm)
& my North Face Jester 26L Backpack as my carry-on 

The following clothes & underwear all fit nicely into 3 compact packing-cubes leaving me plenty of room for all my miscellaneous items inside my main holdall. 

Underwear / Swimwear 
I have put all these into a small packing-cube (life-savers) to save on space & compress everything in nicely. 
- 10 knickers 
- 6 ankle socks 
- 1 thick socks for hikes
- 2 sports bras (keep the ladies under control) 
- 3 bras (1 I will be wearing to travel in) 
- 2 bikinis & 1 swimsuit 
- 1 bobble hat (needed for trek trip as can get cold at night when camping)
- 1 pair of gloves
- 1 buff 

- Nike Flyknit Trainers (I will travel in these) 
- Karimore Walking Boots (needed for trek) 
- Flip flops 
- Sandals 
- Pumps 
I have added another packing-cube to keep my walking boots covered from the rest of my luggage for when they get muddy. 

Jackets / Coats / Layers
- The North Face waterproof jacket (very thin & packs very small) 
- Black Zip Hoodie 
- Teal Fleece (needed for trek) 
- White flannel shirt 
- Stripe flannel shirt
- Blue pattern cotton blazer 

I love dresses, I find them so easy to take away with me & I like to pack versatile ones which can be used during the day / at the beach / can be used in the evening with a nice necklace etc.
- Denim dungaree dress
- Cream embroidered dress
Navy floral playsuit 
Tie-dye t-shirt dress (I may take this one out)
Aztec cami dress
Cream jersey dress (clearly needs an iron)

Yes I do think I am taking too many tops but they are all very thin and roll / pack into a cube very easily so why not :p 
- 2 cotton camis (black & yellow) 
- 2 jersey tanks (white & khaki)
- Tan tank 
- Red pattern 3/4 sleeve top 
- Monochrome stripe top (travel in) 
- Blue & white stripe crop tee 
- 2 x sheer camis (khaki & black) 

- 2 x denim shorts (1 slightly bigger than the other incase I let myself go) 
- 4 x pattern jersey shorts
- 1 jeans
- 1 Nike leggings (travel in)

I like going to the gym / walks / treks etc so I wanted to take some gym gear with me so I have zero excuses not to do exercise / go for a run 
- 2 sports bras
- 3/4 length capris 
- Nike running shorts
- Nike Pro shorts
- Nike sports vest

Now we come to all the miscellaneous items that will be going in my holdall...

Just your standard shampoo, conditioner, body wash, dry shampoo, first aid kit, extra plasters, razors, paracetamol, suncream, moisterizor, toothbrush & paste, bite cream, bug spray, perfume, deodorant.

- Towels: I am taking 2 microfibre body / bath towels (I need 2 for trek), as well as a small microfibre hand towel & a head turban. NEVER take a normal bath towel with you, they are too bulky & will take ages to dry. 
- Sleeping bag (for trek) & a sleeping bag liner 
- Bags: 1 fold-away shopper, 1 small black bag ideal for evenings & 1 tan handbag 
*I wasn't going to take a handbag but I realised i'd have to use my backpack all the time & i'd just look too touristy so wanted a nice light bag that folds away easily that i can use in the day when I'm just wondering around a city or heading to the beach :) 
- Padlocks & wire lock (good if you want to lock your bag to something stationary on a long bus ride so no one can run off with your bag)
- Headtorch (life saver)
- Penknife (all the tools i'll never use)
- Waterproof iPhone case (lets hope it works)
- 6 USB Charger port (if you're limited for plugs I'd recommend one of these, you can charge 6 things at once!) 
- Spare battery pack ( I am actually taking 3 in total)

*I forgot pjs - I am taking some, I promise ;) 

Hand luggage 

- Purse 
- Coin purse
- Currency in cash for first couple of days 
- Visa Bureau Platinum Card
- Passport / ID 
- Travel wallet with all documents in 
- USB with important documents & contact numbers on
- G zip case
- Map ticket & document holder 
- iPad (fully charged & full with books, films & TV programs)
- Travel notes diary 
- 2 x small Australia guides
- Phone & iPad chargers
- Headphones
- Pens
- Sunglasses x 4 
- Brush 
- Bobbles & hairpins 
- Make up

GoPro Accessories
- GoPro Hero 3+ Silver
- 6 Batteries
- 3 x 32GB memory cards 
- 1 Wifi remote
- Selfie stick
- Floaty stick
- Gorilla Tripod
- Red underwater lense
- Varies clips & attachments
- Headstrap & handstrap
- Case to fit everything in
- Battery charger & plug
- Memory card to Lightning port adapter (so I can view & upload my pictures straight into my iPad or iPhone)

Ive probably forgotten a few things but lets hope I pack them before Monday! 
/ its really not the end of the world as I can easily buy anything there I have forgotten / find I need extra of :) 

If you're going on a similar trip i'd love to hear about it in the comment section below! 

Thanks for reading & happy travels 

♡ G

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& follow my upcoming Australia Adventure! 

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