Jet Leg Probs

It is 5:32am in San Francisco and I've accepted I'm not going to get any more sleep
You'd think after being up for 24 hours yesterday my body would have given up on life and let me sleep all the hours under the sun ...nope.

I'm the kind of person who thinks the perfect day is a 12/12 scenario
12 hour day, 12 hour sleep ;)
So this whole couple hours sleep here and there is going to be an issue.
#whatislife #firstworldprobs

Seriously though jet lag is a dangerous business!
 Having a well deserved shower last night once arrived in SF and was convinced either the whole shower was wobbling or the San Andreas fault was going cray throwing us a welcome party with multiple earthquakes. Holding onto the walls for dear life waiting for the after shocks to stop I flash back to last years Vesuvius incident and think this is how I'm destined to go isit? Some sort of natural disaster.
But apparently I'm the cray one, no one else felt them. 

But anyway we are here! 
After a crazy 3 days in work, and a couple of surprise visits I was off to Manchester to stay at Emily's :) 

It was the routine "have you got everything, passport, money, documents etc" from each parent before I was allowed to leave.
A few domestics later from Carol & Big Steve over the route and music & we were there.

We met up with Kat & Niamh for food and a few drinks (and the longest and worst game of pool know to mankind!) before having our final panic pack at 12am ready to fly in the morning. 
I had already anticipated that I wouldn't sleep much that night, 
1. because it was so hot
2. because it wasn't my bed
& 3. pure excitement had set in
But I hoped I'd be wrong 
I wasn't
We had a brief complication at check-in (apparently Emily's some sort of illegal immigrant) but was all smooth sailing from then on.
We settled in for breakfast and I jumped on the American Dream lifestyle right away and tucked into waffles, bacon, sausage & syrup. 

24 hours, 2 flights, unlimited alcohol, 6 films, all the New York pretzels I could find & about 15 meals later we arrived in San Francisco

" Oh it's 5pm again, another dinner?" 

Literally been in the U.S. a day and I already feel fat

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